Latest features in new OS – Android 4.0 “Ice Cream sandwich”

Android keeps launching its latest products with a bang as a result of which Android is becoming popular and wanted among the people as well as the mobile makers. With the launch of Google’s Android 4.0, the company is not only targeting the consumers with its latest OS but also the Business people and IT administrators. Android 4.0 has eight new features that will gain the focus of people around the world. The features are as follows:

  1. On Device Encryption
    Android 4.0 supports on device data encryption which means that any corporate data stored on users’ devices is “scrambled” to protect the info if the hand held is lost or stolen.
  2. Voice Typing Enhancements
    Androids Ice Cream Sandwich supports the function where in the user needs to touch the micro phone on the device’s keyboard and speak up to type e-mails, SMS etc instantly.
  3. Improved Copy Paste Feature
    Copy-and –Paste function has also been upgraded in the Android 4.0 OS. It will be a lot easier for the business people who send many messages and mails to copy and paste the required text.
  4. New Features for the Calendar
    The UI for the calendar has also been upgraded which makes the navigation of the calendar pages more easy and intuitive. Also with the zoom in option makes precise zooming much easy.
  5. Face Unlock
    There not much revealed for this functionality but it is said that this feature would help the users to unlock their phones by just staring at them.
  6. Disabling Apps
    This feature helps the users to disable the applications which they do not want and the users can also disable the pre installed apps which are present on the handset.
  7. NFC Technology for DATA sharing
    The latest OS has the feature known as Android Beam that helps for faster data sharing with the help of NFC.
  8. Screenshots
    This new feature would help the people to share the screen shots of the important web pages or other important pages by capturing the screen.

These are the major changes that can be seen in the latest OS of Android. Also with the launch of Android 4.0 Sony Ericsson declared that company’s Xperia handsets will be released with the upgraded OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

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