The Latest Happenings in Mobile Application Development Market  

Mobile application development is today’s biggest trend in the global software development market. More and more things are being created around mobile platforms. Businesses are in rush to become part of emerging mobile trends by launching custom mobile application development projects for their internal/external operations. Also, the mobile app development market will reach around $40 billion by end of this year as the experts of the field have analyzed.

latest trend mobile app development

The big thing to happen this year is whether  ANDROID’S MARKET SHARE WILL GROW FURTHER or not. Experts of the field say it will happen. In 2014, Android had an 81% share of total market size. Android will improve not only in terms of market share but also in other departments in 2015 and years ahead. These other departments include revenue to be earned via an Android application development, iPad vs. Android powered tablets, and businesses giving importance to Android application development similar to iOS application development.
Other thing to happen this and in next couple of years will be DECLINE OR DECREASE IN NATIVE APP DEVELOPMENT. Because going with cross platform technologies is gradually becoming best of the ways to attain multiple versions of single app in a single shot, we would see fewer mobile application development projects purely based on native technologies. We have seen a lot of evolutions in cross-platform app technologies. It’s clear that cross-platform is future of mobile development,  and native mobile app development trend has certain reasons to get faded out sooner or later. The biggest one of them is the overall cost of a native app that increases with the increasing number of platform a client wants to cover.
A very important thing that is taking shape is the concept of CONNECTING VARIOUS OBJECTS OF DAY-TO-DAY USE WITH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY, apart from mobile devices. Mobile technology and apps aren’t merely for smartphones and tablets but, people led by innovative thinking are discovering ways to connect household objects with internet, mobile technology and applications.
We have washing machines, TVs, cars, sports equipment, watches, home security & surveillance systems, and various other household items connected to the web, mobile devices and applications. This trend will continue to flourish in future too.
 So far CLOUD COMPUTING isn’t a preferred choice of both individual and business users but in years ahead, more and more organizations will use cloud software and storage to create easy communication with their people, partner and prospects. It has been projected that by 2017, two-thirds of all business workloads will be processed in cloud data centers, according to New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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