Latest Smartphones And Their Features To Be Expected in 2017


With the starting of New Year, it’s natural to expect a completely fresh range of smartphones to be launched in market by companies like Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers.
Reports and rumors have started to float all over the market that what these new crop of phones may or may not feature. Although we can learn from the current trends and guess features like curved display, virtual home buttons, 4K-screes, longer battery life and even wireless charging.
Here are the top 4 phones and their features expected to be released in 2017:

Apple iPhone 8

iphone 8iPhone 7 is still so new. Many users haven’t even got a chance to try their hands on it but as plenty of rumors are popping up around the phone market, iPhone 8 is expected to release on the tenth anniversary of iPhone in September 2017. We may see a complete overhaul when it comes to design of the device.
As we know, there were not major differences in iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. Some expert even suggested that iPhone 6, 6S and 7 are the same breed with little differences. Now there is huge indication that the next model will boast an entirely new look of Apple’s smartphone we have not seen for last couple of years.
Last time Apple made big changes in design three years back so we can expect that iPhone 8 will be a completely different phone in terms of design.
Some rumors suggest that Apple’s new device may have a curved design. It may have wireless charging and physical home button be removed. Many blogs are talking about a special ceramic version. Apple recently brought in a ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 2 and may apply same on its new smartphone.
An outlandish rumor suggested that Apple will launch three iPhones – 7S, 7S Plus and 8.


Samsung-Galaxy-S8Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been huge hits and, the company will bring a lot more for its follow-up to these phones. However, Note 7’s battery problem has put company in fiasco but we can expect extra specials from the Galaxy S8.

Rumors coming from different sources suggest that Samsung may ditch the flat-screen in S8. It may offer curved devices in two sizes, instead. These phones could also boast a screen resolution of 4K.
If it’s true then the company will need new chipset to adjust the power. Don’t be surprised if Samsung begins powering its new devices with Snapdragon 835 version of chips.
However, we wouldn’t be surprised if we did get a Snapdragon 835 version. Rumors also say that the company may introduce an OLED bezel-less display, remove physical home button and add USB Type-C to its flagship devices. As expected, the S8 may be launched with Nougat and TouchWiz.
The device may be unveiled on February 26 and launched on April 2017.


OnePlus-5There are also new things to happen in Android world in 2017. The China based OnePlus has rapidly won hearts of users. Rumors suggest OnePlus may release its new Android phone OnePlus 5. So what will happen with the version 4? Well, they seem to skip the 4 and launch OnePlus 5 with a glass or ceramic body.
The latest phone from the company is OnePlus 3T and people are expecting for the next version. Whether you say it a report or rumor but, it talks about a complete renovate in design of OnePlus phone series. We have seen a similar dare when company changed a lot with OnePlus X.
Other rumor being heard says that OnePlus 5 might come with 5.5 inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor to provide oodles of power. The device is expected to come in May or June 2017.


LG-G5LG too is working on and may try to solve its problem with its next flagship name: G6 which is currently also used by its flagship TV. The company may have different approach to name their device but it has not been seen yet. However there is no rumor, it has also been suggested that the company may ditch the mods it launched with the G6. It is also rumored that LG was planning to launch OLED display for the G6 but dropped the idea due to supply issues. The phone may likely be launched at Mobile World Congress 2017.
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