Let us learn to put iPhone apps in Apple’s App Store

If you have finished up your iPhone app and are eager to show up it in front of your audience, this blog is going to let you know the steps that help you easily put your app in the app store. So what are those steps or tips that help iPhone developers easily put their apps in the app store? Let us learn about them.


The Apple’s app store, iTunes has recently been reported to host more than 1.2 M apps for iOS devices. So if you also have an iPhone app to be published there, your brainchild will compete more than a million other apps.
The ways to put your app in the store
Before you begin the process of development, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that only those developers are able to distribute iPhone apps at larger scales which also have largest employee’s strength. But if you want to do it personally, you must go through two ways. You either need to send it through the App Store or impromptu distribution.
The ways of ad-hoc distribution lets you share the app with up to 100 iOS devices via mail or your server. This type of app distribution is generally aimed at sharing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps with limited users before their actual release in the iTunes store. This helps developers get valuable feedback from real users even without actually living the app.
The next thing is that you get yourself a distribution certificate. For this you can register to Apple developer portal and download the distribution certificated to your XCode software. With this you can create a distribution Provisioning Profile.
Here is the app submission process. Developers need to prepare a check list on their own so the entire process could turn out to as simple as possible.

  • Create some paragraphs with inclusion of keywords/key phrases that describe you app and make the app discoverable
  • Prepare a launch image that will show up while the app will load.
  • Prepare screen shots so that users can have the first look of your app.
  • Contact information of your organization

When you are ready with all these things, you are ready to submit your app. This useful information on iPhone app submission is brought to you by expert iPhone developers.

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