Let's have look on today's features of mobile apps

We didn’t have smartphones in the past. All we had WAP supported phones that could also play snake-like games. These phones didn’t even present enough scopes for applications because they were lacking in hardware, processing power and graphics, particularly for supporting business and gaming apps. Mobile application development wasn’t the part of mainstream software development industry until some companies introduced smartphone, apps,  and app store.
Today, the contemporary smartphone mobility doesn’t age more than 6-7 years and look, what it has done! It’s challenging several decades old legacy of PCs and laptops. By 2017 87% of connected devices will be tablets and smartphones, according to IDC.
But things now have completely changed with the rising trend of smartphones and tablet devices. Today, these devices are capable of running any type of application; even heavier enterprise applications can also be run on today’s smartphones and tablets.
Now phones are no more poor devices in terms of performance and productivity. These handheld little computers have become incredibly powerful. The trend of smartphones and tablets is soaring to sky, and there is no slowdown in the adoption of these devices in near future.
Almost everyone owning a smartphone or tablet has found the use of apps. There are more apps than one for a regular jogger who wants to calculate the miles run daily or for a stockbroker who wants a quick look at the trading shares while he is on the go. There are apps for businesspersons and for those who want to learn gardening. There are apps for almost everything a smart device can do.
Apps are even gluing people on seats for several hours. Video games now more excite us because we can play them anytime, anywhere. Unlike PC games requiring a lot of duct tape and bubble gum before playing, smartphone games are ready-to-play just in few taps.
The global business domain is also taking smartphone and tablet very seriously. They are trimming and tailoring their existing platforms and even building applications for mobile users. So rising adoption of these devices is certainly redefining the meaning of mobile application development. Because mobile application development has been accepted as a part of mainstream software development industry, developers are focused on building feature-rich, productive apps that fit the expectations of global user-base.
Let us have a look on features delivered by mobile apps

The best User Experience

With manifold progress in mobile application development technology, user-experience has improved to a great extent. Apps can handle complex computing operations through easiest user-interface. Earlier mobile developers were compromising with UX for functions but now things have balanced. Today, mobile app developers are able to deliver better functionality with far batter user experience.

Authentication and Security

Smartphones and tablets are often taunted for lack of security; however, with improvement in technology, mobile developers have learned from their mistakes and thus intending to create safer and securer apps.


Because hardware and processors are much powerful as well as batteries are prolonging, performance and productivity of these devices have also improved. They can handle multiple tasks at once. Network connectivity is great as well as data is travelling between peers faster than ever before.
Few concluding words –
Mobile devices and apps have fascinated us all. Apart from calling and sending texts, we have hundreds of other uses of a mobile phone from morning to evening. Mobile apps have come to long way since developer created first apps as hobby. Mobile application development industry is now a full-fledged industry. Be the part of this, own a smartphone, use apps and if you want to venture in apps, hire a mobile application developer.

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