m-Commerce is the future of e-Commerce

With rising adoption of smart devices like smartphones, phablets, tablets and other forms of convertible devices, the importance of home PCs is fading out. This trend-change has tapped retailers too who are still selling their products and services online through their e-commerce websites. For all of them, it is time they launch a mobile ecommerce (m-Commerce) website or an m-Commerce app. Experts have predicted that the feature like location is playing a major role in a mobile application development aimed at performing m-retailing activities.

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We will see mobile based commerce activities turning out to be more influential in next five years. Although, major platforms have already launched apps for their e-commerce websites but small businesses are still considering as they are not fully aware of benefits and advantages they can have by bringing their e-stores online.
Those retailers, who still do not want to shift to mobile platforms, are of course missing considerable portion of sales. Mobile can open them to a whole new world of opportunities.
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The use of desktop PCs is continuously dropping while PC makers are focusing more on large-sized handheld devices like tablets, phablets and portable laptop-cum-tablet PCs. Consumers are also buying wearable gadgets like smartphone watches and head-mounted-web-connected systems which can also fulfill their requirements of routine general purpose computing operations. As a result, e-retailers will also need to shift their focus from desktop e-commerce platforms to m-commerce websites or m-commerce applications. Future of e-commerce more appears to be mobile oriented than merely PC oriented particularly when people around the world are spending 55% of total time spent in online retailing.
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As experts of the field believe, in next couple of years, we would see m-commerce to become contextual commerce. It’s why because smartphones and tablets give people freedom of using their devices in whatever situation they are. Users can open apps of e-stores whether they are traveling in subway or sitting comfortably on couch at home.
As I mentioned above, location feature in smartphones is happening to be a critical component for any e-store going mobile. It will enhance shopping experience of consumers as well as empower retailers to generate situation-specific offers, discounted and promotion-campaigns to attract consumers and influence them making a purchase.
Let’s come across some facts & figures that prove that e-commerce is gradually shifting towards m-commerce.

  • According to research firm eMarketer Inc., mobiles and tablets would generate about 27% of total web based sales in the US by 2018.
  • When same measures are spanned globally, mobile devices would be generating 47% of total web based sales by 2018, according to The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  • Don’t get confused that mobiles or tablets are used by consumers for sales only when they are on the go. According to Nielsen, 67 percent smartphone shoppers and 80 percent tablet shoppers shop online from home. So for these users, smartphones and tablets are the only computing device they have.
  • A research conducted by Adroit Digital says that 68% users owning both PC and desktop take their tablets with them for about 25% of the time whenever they leave home.
  • 14% tablet users take their tablets 75-99% of the time whenever they leave home says Adroit Digital.
  • In next five years, advancing mobile technology will load smartphone devices with more powerful processors and graphics-rendering capabilities. Features like augmented reality will allow consumers to virtually see and try a product even before placing its order. For example, if you are buying a sofa or bed online and are not sure how it would look like in your room, you would be able to augment it there through an augmented reality feature enabled m-commerce app.

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