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Many people have iPhone’s just to show off. This statement reminds me of an incident. A few days back I was traveling and there was this man who simply had his iPhone in his hand and he was just showing off his device for no rhyme or reason. It has become a status symbol for many people and this is the only reason why people are ready to wait for any new arrival by Apple.. But if we see the latest stats despite iPhone being popular many users prefer android. However, its openness makes it a juicy target for attackers who can attack the device, steal private information, and even slow it down.
But with little efforts, anybody can add desired speed and productivity to an Android phone or tablet. Here are the ways to do this.
Use a better browser.
If you want a better browser, the suggestion is Opera Mini. It is because of its cloud engine that compresses the data as much as 90%. So when you use Opera Mini, the web pages showing up on it are already optimized by a cloud engine. It also has advanced privacy features, including automatically clearing of passwords, cookies and browsing history. If you want supports for Flash and 3D graphics then you can use Opera Mobile instead.
Get an Android optimizer
You can also use an Android optimizer that lets you kill the apps running in background, sucking battery and exhausting CPU without your permission.  You can also set a monthly data limit and monitor how much data you’ve have downloaded so far.
Preserve the battery
If your battery drains more quickly than expectations then there may be something fishy in your mobile. There are apps which you can use to manage battery power so you don’t find your mobile phone discharged when you really need it.  If you don’t need auto sync options, you can also turn off the auto sync function. It can save around 10% battery power. Switching of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will do the same.
Uninstall apps that are never used
Many times users just download applications which they do not use. If you are hardly using such apps it’s better to uninstall these.
Save most apps on SD Card.
Internal memory in mobile device remains limited. It provides sufficient space to the OS to function properly. Some apps use internal drive space to save quick data but if the data fills the entire memory then it can also slowdown the device. Try to shift all your apps on SD card.
This information is brought to you by expert Android application developers and programmers.

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  1. i love your blog, don’t find many that are so clear, it is nice to see that someone really understands. i really enjoyed reading this. thanks for the post.

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