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Mobile TicketingImagine if all sorts of tickets could be available on your mobile and also imagine the potential benefits of this facility. Mobile ticketing is the way the future is heading towards and soon most tickets will be available on mobile devices. Mobile ticket applications can be developed for this purpose and these applications may also help in saving large amount of paper and contribute to make our environment green. Railway, airway, bus tickets ,  organizers of events, shows, games and concerts would not have to print paper tickets at all as in the coming years almost everyone would be carrying a smartphone.
The idea is not new; as many have tried it so far; however, it could not be implemented at large level. But recently, during a Sports Conference held in California, mobile based ticketing became an exclusive topic and most participants agreed to the fact that mobile ticketing is the future.
There are more benefits than one in developing mobile ticketing applications which will represent actual ticket for any sorts of events and entries. Since, the rate of smartphone users is increasing faster than expected, mobile ticketing apps which even so appear to be a concept, will soon become reality.  These tickets can also be sold in form of QR codes and bar codes.
Biggest benefit that the organizers and authorities can drive through mobile ticketing applications will be cost-saving. A football stadium, for example, may have seating capacity from 40000 to 150000 people at a time and all those people enter to the stadium via tickets. Now imagine the cost spent in getting 150000 tickets printed. If sports organizers choose mobile ticketing, they can save a lot of paper and ink, and ultimately cut the cost too. Similarly is the case with the Railways. Mobile based ticketing applications can store more information than a paper ticket that can be easily lost, ruined, or damaged.
A mobile ticket app can provide a lot of other features such as wireless exchange transfer or selling of tickets, which is not possible with paper tickets unless you meet up with a person. Mobile ticket applications can also be developed with ability of in-house map showing seating chart, nearest washroom, food stand, etc for an event or halts and food joints in case of traveling. Other possibilities can also be considered.
This is just the beginning. Mobile ticketing can be used for many purposes. Smartphones are the and our lives will be totally dependent on the smart devices in the coming times.

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