What Makes Android So Popular?

android popularity

Android has marked its presence all over the world. Its popularity is known to us all; however, it isn’t just because of the OS itself. Its credit also goes to Android app developers who have been creating tremendous apps for this touch screen mobile operating system of Google. This post explains what makes Android so popular.

android popularity

Today, Android is one of the leading smart device, touch screen operating systems to power more than 80% smartphones and 60% tablets over the world. There are more than 3 million apps on Google Play. The market coverage of the OS reveals how much popular Android devices are among global users. Considering the remarkable success of Android OS, a lot of mobile phone manufacturers have decided to launch their Android powered smartphones in coming future. Android devices are popular not because of Android OS but it is actually the outcome of Android application development process that has provided thousands of useful apps for making the lives of users easier. You can use an Android device for almost all tasks. Just install applications and use them for business, news, travel, lifestyle, weather updates, gaming, sport news, music, video, and in various other utility operations.
Android mobile phones are available in most of the popular brands like, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and LG along with several other regionally popular brands. Android has indirectly promoted the above mentioned brands which were previously struggling with decreasing sales and incapability to compete with iPhone as well as Windows. The price range of Android devices is quite flexible. Anybody with a moderate budget can buy Android smart phones or tablets. But you cannot buy iPhone or Windows Phone smartphone with a flexible budget. The price range is fixed that repels many customers to buy these phones. Buying Android phone is a lucrative deal. The price range is the major factor aiding Android in rivaling against other smart phone devices. This platform is also famous for its support to popular online games. This is another solid reason that develops the market of Android smart phones and tablets PCs. Software development companies are pretty much interested in Android mobile development projects and gaining high curiosity over the Android database integration. Things setting Android apart to gain such popularity:

  • Android is affordable. You can buy an Android powered smartphone and tablet at moderate budgets. This is not possible with phones of Apple and Windows Phone.
  • It has all capacities to perform a variety of tasks that iPhone or Windows Phone devices can do. This trait increases its interactivity and usability.
  • It is capable of rapidly executing assigned operations.
  • It supports 3D graphics. In result, developers can run 3D games as well.
  • It also enables high-definition screen file sizes.

Google Play offers millions of free and paid apps which you can download on Android devices.

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