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Let there be difference between travelling and trouble.  Tourists begin their journey with great excitement but they mostly end up with the same great agony. It happens because they found themselves in a circumstance where they have less or no information about their stay, road, market, locality and even language.

But travelers are not that much helpless. Most of them today use smart devices to locate various things while they are in a foreign land. On the flip side, if information of local stays, roads and markets have not been optimized or customized for mobile devices then travelers and tourists are really in problem.
So who can do this? Of course hotels. Hotel industry plays a major role in a traveler’s journey. First of all hotels provide travelers and tourists stay to live and relax. Then they inform them about local market, roads, different places etc. But hotels can help their guests in better way if they go mobile.
Firstly, going mobile by hotels and hospitality industry is nothing new. Big players have initiated and implemented dedicated mobile application development projects to help their guests and boost themselves since they discovered that future of computing, whether it’s online or offline, is going to be mobile, but mid and small sized hotels have still to put mobile app technologies into practice to deliver high quality experience to their guests from around the world.
Having a mobile app development for mid & small hotels and restaurants is a vital move because there are more tourists who like to stay in mid & small hotels than those who want to stay in big hotels.
Travelers too expect that their mobile devices provide them the best of the assistances wherever they are and for whatever they are searching. According to an estimate of 2012, 35% of leisure travelers clearly used their smartphones to access travel information. About 85% of same travelers used their smart devices during tour to difference places. Almost 30% of these travelers used mobile apps to find best of the hotel deals and details. So it’s clear that hotels have pretty good reasons to initiate a mobile application development project and go online.
Let me share some reasons why hotels should have a mobile application development:

Mobile is future of computing.

Gartner says that by the end of 2017, there would be more tablets than PCs. It has revealed a 14% of decline in the purchase of traditional PC. On the other hand, it has been estimated that between the years of 2013 and 2017, there will be an incredible rise of 140% in the usages of tablets.

E-commerce is changing into M-commerce

The so called e-commerce has visibly changed  its face and now more online selling buying activities are being seen on mobile devices. With change of device, the term e-commerce have changed into m-commerce. Hotels can actively become the part of flourishing m-commerce industry by providing dedicated apps for their guests.

Multiple channels of communication

Smartphones and tablets are certainly better than desktop or laptop computers. They provide a lot of features in a handheld or pocket-sized device. Apart from communication and text messaging, a present day smart device offers camera, GPS, high-speed internet connectivity, maps, push notification, capability of cloud computing, various sensors straight in our hands. Hotels can use these features to offer more convenient traveling experience to their guests.

Brand creation and competitive advantage

With a dedicated mobile app development hotels can easily create their brand and win customer loyalty. Hotels can attract customers to collect points which can later be converted into rewards. Other than this, an app of course gives a hotel business competitive advantage over others. Dedicated mobile app keeps a hotel ahead of competitors and lets it be believed by more guests.
So mobile apps can change the way travelers and hotel staff interact with each other. It can change the way tourists reach their destinations and explore places. A dedicated mobile app development can really thrive hotel business.
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  1. Hotel business is growing but problems in the businesses are growing. Often time travelers are clueless that where exactly they have to go. An app can really calm down all their doubts.

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