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freight and logistics

Smart devices have also influenced transportation & logistics industry. With the technology of dedicated mobile application development, it has now become possible to offer mobile solutions for freight and logistics companies. Customers too are quickly adopting this new way of tracking their shipments; from origin to delivery. Mobile apps, when coupled with several other features, can offer real time information of goods, enhance the functionality of supply chain management, optimize results and of course, increase efficiency of the whole goods transportation and logistics process.

Companies in freight and logistics industry are looking for such custom mobile application development that does not only take care of all their business processes but also turns out to be an indicator of their stability, success, and sophistication.
Let us learn about features and functions which can be custom-designed for freight and logistics industry with current mobile application development technology:

Real time tracking

Mobile technology offers the best of the real-time tracking features. The tracking of goods can be enabled just a few taps away. Dedicated mobile app development technology can allow customers to easily and accurately track their shipments.

Proof of delivering goods

Mobile apps allow delivery staffs to generate proof of delivering shipments for their managers. This will keep delivery of shipments on time.

Tracking of productivity of field employees

Mobile apps allow logistics businesses to track field employees. With GPS or location enabled apps managers can easily track employee-productivity.

Booking of services

Some clients want to get their shipments picked up from their home. Here, a mobile app can be an effective mean of booking shipments and calling the company to take them from home.

Inventory management

At company end mobile app can help companies get the real time data of returned goods, inventories and manpower distributions. This will of course minimize business-running costs, and improve efficiency in the operation.

Better decision making

With better tools decision making also improves. With mobile apps employees in a freight & logistics company will be able to capture and supply data in real time that will lead them to make better decisions.

Better resource management

Real-time flow of information helps managers does better management of resources. They can monitor employees timesheet, update their responsibilities, schedule current and next-day deliveries, etc. They can also manage routs in better way to minimize transportation costs.

Customer services

With a customer-end app, logistics companies can improve customer services too. A dedicated app can let customers track their shipments and know the estimated delivery time. For much better customer care services features like bar-code scanning, signature recognition and mobile boarding pass can also be added to an app.

Key benefits

  • Operational excellence in the delivery and pickups of shipments
  • Improved field productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improvement in accuracy of weight and dimension measurements
  • Improvement in customer care services
  • Improvement in time and resource management

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