Mobile Application Development – PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE

Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, every device is now an enjoyment-cum-business tool. It’s an outcome of the progress in mobile technology and methods used for developing application for tiny handheld devices. User gets app either pre-loaded or can download one of his choices from a mobile software distribution platform. The credit of revolutionizing the domain of mobile application development entirely goes to Apple’s range of smart devices including iPhone and iPad. Android and others accelerated the revolution movement as well. The bases of using mobile phones have pretty much changed since their innovation. It’s a device beyond communication tool, and it calculates and computes what a PC does.

Mobile developers had great role to play when smartphones were launched. They found a tool with great potentials. Some fascinating mobile software development projects were caused by the demand from customers. Today’s environment gives you various reasons to have a smartphone; a reason to navigation and location search, a reason to find local restaurant, a reason to calculate heart beat and a reason to get connect to remote desktop.

For programmers and developers, switching themselves from PC to mobile was also not very difficult. Some early mobile developers had just upgraded and updated their knowledge. Most of the programmers were also aware of the magic of Java programming language thus they found themselves compatible to work on Java based mobile operating systems. Their knowledge allowed them to do customization further than imagination and as consequence; today we have tremendous mobile apps for each mobile platforms.

Talking about the scopes in mobile development field will be a waste because I see the end of the use of PC for most of the individual, business and entertainment tasks. I am also suspicious if television sets manufacturing units would die in future because everything is being optimized to go online!
It’s the era of smartphone, our future is smartphone!

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