The growing adoption of mobile application development technology

Let us go back in the year 2007 when only a little number of American users, not more than 4%, was using mobile based internet services. But today’s figures for the same are absolutely different. Pew Research Center discovered in 2012 that now more than 55% American mobile users are using their devices to access various services and products on the web. The same findings also suggest that about 45% American users own smartphones. And amazing part of these findings is that apart from America, the adoption of smartphones is almost the same in other countries. In January this year, Pew Research Center discovered that 90% American adults have a cell phone and 58% are using a smartphone.
A article of year 2012 from refers the data of Google, and establishes that smartphones have totally changed the way people access information. The concept of computing on-the-go is now real just because of mobile phones. For more information the article “Smartphone adoption goes global – Google Mobile Planet 2012 data” can be read.
Because smartphones are nowadays penetrating more in general purpose computing, their market is growing at a rapid pace. Today’s phones are coming with tens of smart features that attract users, and just remove the need of PC for a number of routine operations. Today, if you have a smartphone in your pocket, you can almost forget about desktop PC.
These smartphones are also serving a number of business requirements. They help you stay online 24×7 for conducting business activities. Whether you are in office or walking to lunch, smartphones with suitable apps, help you easily complete all your business and personal computing tasks. says that mobile application development has now turned out to be a “must have thing” to grow in business. The website says that almost all businesses are nowadays hiring mobile developers to bring their business setups online through mobile platforms.
Doubtlessly, you will surely find one or more app for any task you think a mobile can handle. App stores are close to explode with hundreds of thousands apps. If you want to keep track of field executives, an app is supposed to be there on stores. If you as a doctor want to help your patients, an app is supposed to be there on stores. And if you do not find a suitable app as per your work requirements, you can hire mobile developers to make your own.
There is a way called custom mobile application development that lets developer design, develop and deploy business specific apps. Hire a developer that has stayed for several years in the industry and successfully concluded hundreds of apps.
With mobile apps, every industry has opportunity to grow. E-commerce industry has already adopted mobile technology and brought mobile version of their online stores. Video game development companies are already launching mobile version of their popular games.
Businesses are taking mobile technology very seriously. They have discovered that how a dedicated mobile application development can help them simplify a lot of computing processes that are performed by their employees in office and in field.

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