Mobile Application Development – The process followed by iPhone, Android & Blackberry Platforms

Mobile application development process is all about developing a software / program for mobile device, especially smartphone. There may be a range of business and corporate communities for which different mobile applications can be developed. The process involves two sorts of mobile application development projects  – inbuilt development and custom development. An inbuilt app comes preinstalled with the device. When you buy a device, there are some default apps that are installed by manufacturers themselves. The term customized app is specific to user’s choice. Customized apps are more targeted then inbuilt and users can download a customized app from app store. The most popular platforms supporting to installing customized app are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Nokia’s Symbian. Each has its own store where users can download apps to their device.

Today, mobile application development industry is the fastest growing industry globally and users download thousands of apps for completing a variety of tasks using smartphone. Developers are developing highly customized apps for targeted audience. Mobile applications are getting popular among all user age groups.

Each platform is based on unique method to get mobile apps developed. Apple’s brought the concept of app with the iPhone. iPod, iPhone and iPad are Apple’s devices for which iOS SDK, Objective C as programming language is used. Android is based on Linux and its apps are developed in Java programming language. BlackBerry also uses Java as application programming language. Also, new BlackBerry devices installed with OS 2.0 will support Android apps too.  Windows Phone’s apps are based on C# and integrated environment used for development is Visual Studio 2010.

Fashion of using Mobile apps has become popular now and due to facility of customization, apps can fulfill the ever-growing demand of various computing tasks.

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