Mobile apps are sparking new technology revolution

The mobile first strategy has become vital for most of the organizations, especially for those which operate online. A Nielsen report recently revealed that on average, an iPhone or Android users use 26.8 apps per month. The report tries to establish that users appear to be more interested in using mobile apps than web browsers or desktop based software.
The fact that users delete old applications and install new ones cannot also be denied. Users are automatically keeping perfect balance between new and old apps. The expert of mobile application businesses are speculating that by the end of 2015, there would be 89 billion downloads for apps. It is an amazing figure and it lets us guess how mobile apps have turned core mobile computing tool.
With apps, mobile platform can seamlessly be prepared for a number of business procedures. Apps offer business an opportunity to get spontaneous response from users. It just cannot be expected from web browsers.
The true era of mobile apps began in 2008 when Apple launched its own app store (iTunes) for iOS powered iPhone and iPad devices. According to experts of the area, iTunes generated $4.6 billion as the app revenue till the second quarter ended June this year. Apple shared that a year-over-year growth of 11% has also been recorded. This same store now has more than 1.2 million apps.
Mobile technology is here to bridge the gap between users by providing them easiest ways of communication. In a business, dedicated mobile based solutions help its people, partners and prospect easily creating communication.
However, there are several platforms available for mobile devices, but the market somehow appears to be monopolized by Google’s Android. It has 85% market share, far more than any of the trendy and untrendy platforms. It has just captured the bulk market. Strategic Analytics recently informed that in Q2 this year, Android has 84.6% global smartphone market share. Google Play has also surpassed Apple’s App store for both the number of apps and the number of downloads.
But regardless of the type of platform, mobile market is rising. Consider it a new spark in the world of technology. It has accelerated the concept of BYOD. Now employees can work without the limits of time and place. They are ready to contribute to their work anytime, anywhere. Shopping has turned easy as users can shop whatever they want from their own device. They can even pay for purchases. They can now perform limitless operations from their mobile devices but only with the support of suitable apps.

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