How mobile apps help businesses (examples). – Part – 1

Mobile apps are now the part of mainstream business process. They are no more third or fourth computer-screen. For many business-users, mobiles are the only computing screen they use all through day. These businesspersons feel comfortable in using mobile apps for a number of their processes. Thanks to professional mobile app development companies which have shared their software development knowledge in setting full-fledged mobile computing in less than a decade.

01 – Increasing customer engagement – 
A dedicated mobile app gives business more opportunities to engage customers and then turning them into revenue generating ones. Business apps give companies the potential to engage customers in real-time. With integration of social media, chances of engaging customers can almost be doubled.
02 – Reach more Customers –
An app is rather helpful in reaching more customers than a traditional website. Because the number of people owning mobile is increasing at rapid pace, the volume of mobile searches has also increased. Users prefer mobile devices for all sorts of computing activities thus customer reach has also increased. Users have several ways to reach a business through mobile. These ways include generic search, words of mouth, social integration and advertisement in other apps.
03 – Showcasing Your Products and Services –
It has now become easier to let users know about your products and services. App serves like a tool showcasing products and services of a company. Users can visit the app, explore more products & services and if there is payment gateway included, they can make instant purchase too.
04 – Quick Customer Support & Service –
Consider an app as the quickest way that customers can walk on to reach your customer-care services. Customers are happier with good customer care services than  products or service that they buy from a business. An app can help customers easily getting in touch with your company, solve issues and suggest resolutions.
05 – Business Productivity Enhancement –
Apps have been provided as great tool to enhance business productivity. There is a host of app-types that can help business personnel easily execute their tasks without touching desktop or laptop computer or even when they are on the go or away from a PC.
06 – Business Product & Service Promotion –
Mobiles are the best tool for instant promotion of a business. A retail business, for example, can send push notifications to the people within one mile of its radius. The retailer can send notification that it’s offering heavy discounts on its products for today only. This type of notification can attract those people who are passing through the store location. There may be several ways mobile technology can help businesses promote themselves and drive sales for their products and services.
07  – Cost-Effective Marketing
An app can turn out to be a less costly channel of business marketing. There may be several events in a business that it can speak out to your customers for the purpose of marketing itself. Other ways are of course expensive as they require a complete process of planning, execution and implementation. Indeed it will also require a considerable slot of budget which is sometime hard to manage for small-medium businesses. But app as medium of marketing proves to less expensive. It can be the quickest most of pushing ads with full control on the content and quality.
To be continued… 

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