How mobile apps help businesses (examples). – Part 2

230914-innnerHere are the ways mobile app can help businesses.
08 – Business Brand Creation
Businesses need branding to become credible. It’s vital for self-reputation and reliability of any business. An app can help businesses all the way in creating brand. Apps, which are given away for free but have incredible functionalities, generally stay on phone-screens of users for a long time. The app icon keeps reminding them that a particular brand exists. Whether users regularly use the app or not, it continues to serve its purpose it is made for. The mobile app development company you have hired, can be asked to include a logo of your business to the app. Apps telling about statements of company’s mission and vision are supposed to create more beautiful picture of a brand. There may be tens of other ways that can be used in an app to position a small-medium company at desired place.
09 – Driving more Revenue –
Apps built with proper inclusion of mobility-software-hardware functionality, generate more revenue for a business. Push notifications, for example, can be great support in driving revenue for a business. It can let people of particular city discover that movie-tickets are nearly sold out so that they don’t miss the opportunity of watching movie. Retail-chain can use push-notifications to inform customers about the offers they will keep open for a particular period of time. Restaurants can grow loyalty by sending push-notifications to customers about special offers, discounts, etc.
Apps are quick medium of computing. An app for retail business is supposed to be downloaded by dedicated users only. Unlike desktop e-commerce platforms, mobile based retailing apps are used by those users who really want to purchase things online.
10 – Create a Virtual Office
A mobile device, installed with right apps, can become a virtual office and serve us regardless of the limits of time and place. You can engage with any business query just in a few taps. With a mobile and apps, you can communicat with your people, partner and prospects across the sea while you are at the local coffee shop. You can share docs and presentations with your colleagues. A mobile lets you send full emails, set a video conference, analyse data and prepare report even when you are on holidays.
11 Collecting important data
A mobile app, regardless of the purposes its serving, also gathers important client data which work like reference for a variety of analysis, creating marketing strategy and understanding the customear behavior. Data tell what page customers spent more time on and what bounced them back. It is not much difficult to track activities of users from the time they land on a page.
12 – Accessing Business file folder on the go
There are apps that can keep phones synced with important file and folders stored in other computers or in cloud. Apps let you retrieve important documents whenever you need them. A CRM app can help business executive easily access customer database, discover everything about customers and then prepare an impeccable presentation.
13– Quick Data analysis
Data can confuse if it is not organized properly. Mobile can help in quickly organizing data, convert it in statistics while you are on the go. There are apps that can be used to create graphs, charts, etc. for the data you have to handle on the go.
14 – Mobile Banking and finance
Mobile banking has been proved as the most convenient way of taking care of your money. With apps, it has now become easier to check account-balance and transfer funds without visiting the bank itself or its desktop website. Likewise, we have apps for stocks and shares. Keeping track of stocks and shares have become as simple as playing game.
To be continued…

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