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Mobile Navigation AppsToday it is valuable to have an app that helps in navigating roads and destinations. Automobile sector sees great scope in mobile based navigation apps because they do not only provide a complimentary feature increasing the sales of vehicles but at the user-end, navigation apps work as road-assistant serving the driver throughout a journey. This type of app can be implemented onto car’s touchscreen dash board. It can show directions, maps, roads, destinations and voice directions to make vehicle-driving safe and easy. Recently at Mobile World Congress 2012, NDrive, a Portuguese mobile navigation provider announced a partnership with Appello to use the navigation software of the Swedish company for the Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 operating systems.
Dedicated navigation app can be developed with some features such as information about distance and destination, upcoming turns, street names, time-of-arrival, speed limit information and notifications about gas stations, restaurants, points of interest etc when they are nearby.
With support of GPS (Global Positioning System), users can reach at the exact location. A functional and dedicated mobile navigation app provides real-time tracking, text and voice guided directions and other helpful information.
Following features can be added with Navigation app development.
GRAPHICAL AND VOICE CUES – Navigation apps can be developed with rich graphics and multilingual voice guided navigation cues of paths.
TURN-BY-TURN GUIDANCE AND BEST ROUTING – These apps can deliver all the information required for rapid, short, accurate, and easy-to-follow directions to go to different destinations.
EFFORTLESS & FAULTLESS INFORMATION – They can also deliver details about weather forecast, roadblocks and other possible obstacles.
SIMPLE YET INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – Such apps can be developed on simple interface where each and every detail is clearly visible and understandable. This can also include 3D presentation of paths and voice command operated zoom-in and zoom-out feature.
Mobile navigation apps have just hit the automobile sector. Of late GM has entered navigation app business with Chevy Gogo for Sonic, Spark. This is just a start, let us wait and watch how apps will change our lives overall apart from being used only on mobiles.

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