Do mobile apps increase sales and revenue?

There is a visibly great rise in adoption of mobiles, particularly smartphones and tablets. Beyond being used for personal purposes, mobile technology is all set to improve day-to-day efficiency and output at workplace. Each passing day reveals an increased number of people using mobile devices for their routine business / office computing requirements. Market is already flooding with a limitless range of mobile devices, offering us thousands of options to choose from.
As more and more people around the world are using smart devices for a variety of computing requirements, the industry of mobile application development is also experience dramatic changes in terms of rising number of apps being published online every month. The concept of BYOD has got a hard push from most of the businesses where implementing a work/project on time matters the most than the marking employee’s presence at office. With BYOD that stands for “Bring Your Own Device”, another fashion getting exclusivity among employees at offices and business-world is MDM. It stands for mobile device management.
These trends have been spotted to have enough potential attracting organizations across the world. When both are embraced to enterprise mobility or an app that is aimed at bringing up computing process, things aren’t only simplified but organizations do also see incredible increment in benefits. There is a sure ROI in smart device based IT infrastructure but only in  case if it’s implemented by true mobile application development experts.
The reason of putting up with an expert mobile application development company is simple. If we could total the numbers of apps on online stores of two most popular platforms – Android and iPhone – we would have more than 2.5 million apps. It’s a big number and an app with no “plus-factor” has all the chances of easily getting lost in such crowded markets.
Of course in-house / internal apps do not require any name or fame over stores but apps invested as a venture will hardly be visible throughout the year if they make no money to their makers. So at a place where thousands of new apps are added every month, it matters who creates an app and are these developers really able to treat it to be set apart among others?
Maybe you have good hands on creating apps and also an own mobile application development team, but you should all prepare to take the most ground-breaking advantages of mobile technology. Let’s have look on how mobile application development technologies have been helping businesses engaged in different industries.

  • Mobile apps have been great tool of sales. These tiny software programs can be designed and developed to conveniently handle sales leads. Timely responded leads have better chances of conversion. A mobile app designed to handle sales-matters gives business-developers opportunity to respond sales-inquiry without the limits of time and place.
  • With dedicatedly designed apps, e-commerce businesses have discovered quickest ways to sell various products online. They are streaming all their e-stores through apps which are designed with features like easiest navigation, dedicated product filtration & comparison and online mobile payment. Users reaching an e-store through a mobile have better chances of being converted as customer. And a mobile app for e-commerce store does nothing but simplifies the whole buying process.
  • There are businesses which sales their products or services on behalf of various sorts of business intelligence information that may include statistics, charts, presentations, other marketing stuffs. An app can allow sales executive timely fetching required information when a customer – whom they have set a meeting with to sell product or service – wants to learn about the company or its offerings.
  • Businesses are launching apps for customer care services too. Apps help customers do not only discover desired product / services information but also, they can easily get their queries / complaints logged in to respective CCEs. A timely responded customer is the contented customer even if he/she is not happy with a product/ service. Customers want to be heard as quickly as possible and a mobile app can easily be meant to it.
  • There are apps designed to be platforms for potential buyers. Mobile is the quickest way for businesses want to become available to buyers  in the middle of market. Data collected through users’ searches and then processed on the basis of geo-location can help businesses quickly trigger attractive offers to those customers who are entering its radius of 1 or 2 kilo meter.

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