Mobile Apps: Market Trends In Retail Industry

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Mobile apps are creating a new dynamics in retailing industry. Retail industry in order to grow , exceed profitability and expand the business has to take steps that are in line with the latest IT trends .Now a days, consumer s don’t like to visit many shops to select their desirable product but what they want is to avoid this hassle of selecting from bunch of choices.
What customer really want is sit and select the desirable products at their fingertips. In coming years, mobile will replace the wallets from people’s pockets. Mobile apps accounted for more than 30 percent of us economy transactions in Q2 2015. according to Criteo’s Q2 Mobile Commerce Report.
This mobile apps trend can help retail industry in bringing more products quickly in the hands of the consumer and also the companies who will line their business strategy to take mobile app advantage will have a head start against the competition. Analyzing the trend of mobile apps, retailer should take the advantage of this opportunity to reach out to the customers through this mobile era where consumer will get their desirable product quickly with one click and expand the retailing market. Retailer have lost sale by not making their products integrated on mobile apps.
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Few of the global retail giants have already started embracing the mobile app opportunity to keep abreast with the latest trends and leverage it to their advantage to create an emotional connect with the customer through the mobile device.

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  1. Mobile platforms and applications are indeed on the rise and a lot of businesses have realized that having a mobile app for their product/brand or service can be extremely rewarding. I’d like to dwell a bit on customer support. I agree that having support built within the app can more convenient for both the developer and the app users. Both parties can interact without having to leave the app and issues can be resolved quickly. We have recently launched a support

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