Mobile Apps Are Reshaping The Travel Industry


Do you know that among all categories, apps for tourism are the 7th most downloaded app-types on the App Store and 9th most downloaded app-types  on Google Play? Tourist apps are now all set to make remarkable presence on the overall app industry due to facts that nowadays, more and more people prefer to plan their holidays using apps.

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In 2015, Google Play Store saw around 200 million for Android app downloads while App Store saw 100 million downloads for iOS apps. The numbers give pretty good reasons to travel and tourism companies to build apps.
Learn about a few more numbers

  • Nearly 85 percent of people use phones while traveling abroad.
  • 30 percent of travelers discovered accommodations using their smartphone.
  • 15 percent of leisure travelers downloaded tourism apps before they begin their journey.

Tourism and ecommerce

  • In 2012, nearly 15 percent of global ecommerce revenue generated by tourism and hospitality transactions.

Apps are powerful tool
Mobile apps can help tour operators to deliver relevant content to their customers. It includes mobile advertisement too. In 2015, mobile ads generated more than $20 billion of revenue. Apps prove to be an excellent tool of brand recognition and better replacement for mobile website.
Key types of Tourism and travel apps
There is a wide range of travel and tourism apps. We have apps for transportation, hotel booking, travel planning, flight booking, and event-dedicated apps.
Augmented reality apps
By 2020, AR based apps will generate a revenue of $120 billion.  Technologies of AR is nurturing with each passing year new solutions are being fabricated to offer better UX. It can totally replace the current form of apps guiding tourist for different places they want to visit.
Apple TV Travel app
Recently, Apple launched the latest version of its TV service. It offers limitless access to video content from over the world. Major media companies like BBS and YouTube have already signed full screen apps. Now travel companies are also on-boarding. Airbnb is one big example of the company which has adopted Apple TV service.  The tvOS app for Airbnb offers us an opportunity to preview rentals from across the world on big screen. Of course the app shows the content via images and video. It is also supported by Siri remote that delivers an easy navigation.
Wearable Apps
As Wearable technology getting pace, companies have started to adopt it to deliver a completely new form of mobile UX to their customers. More than 40% of Americans are already using some forms of wearable technologies.
Triposo is a perfect example of wearable technology being used in travel industry. It’s a travel belt helping tourists find navigation routs to travel through unfamiliar cities. The devices of users can connect and interact with the app via Bluetooh or Wi-fi. With this app, users can plan their rout and read informative articles about local sights. More than 4 million users have downloaded this app so far.
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