Mobile Games: And the winner is Apple

Mobile GamesThe statistic for growing number of mobile gaming is really bizarre. In the U.S. alone, mobile gaming has grown up to 29.5% from the past year. The most amazing fact about mobile gaming is that the number of paying customers is also increasing. But here is bad news that can hurt Android users. All the folks playing mobile games are paying 5x more money in iOS games than Android. Android is visibly big, but in terms of mobile gaming revenue, 84 percent share goes to Apple. Apple is badly squeezing Google’s share at mobile games.
So, why is this happening? Well. The reason is quite simple. It’s the purchasing method that leads you back to Google Play to confirm payment information, while on iPhone, you just require to enter a password to make sure that the order took place. Purchasing something on iPhone does not let user feel that they are paying; instead, they feel they are entering an e-mail address. iPhone’s purchasing environment is simple and it makes you feel stress-free.
Apple Apps StoreWhen you buy anything on Android, its purchasing environment makes you feel you are doing so. Here is lengthy process to place an order. First the system checks the information and then the query is redirected to Google Play, where confirmation to the order is required, then you are able to place an order.  But on iPhone, everything is just instantaneous.
This issue is forcing many people to avoid purchases through Android. Unless Google fixes the payment system, Android developers will continue to suffer huge losses.

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