In your mobile lives your dream home. Believe me it lives there.

Whether you are a property buyer or agent, you must have learned with experience that real estate is a tough world.  To get going smoothly here, the most important thing required is information about the lists of properties so that the selling-buying process can turn out to be really responsive. I think both groups – buyers and sellers – would agree with this view. The key of success lies in information and the more it’s accurate, the more there are chances of better conversion.


Mobile shows ways to make information truly responsive. Modern day mobiles come with a host of innovative features that offer consumers with quickest access to have a virtual tour of any property they like. They can virtually visit every corner of a property they are interested in.
Take the example of location feature of smartphones. App developers are implementing this feature in many pretty good ways. In an app for real estate, location feature can minimizes search process-steps for users looking for properties in their locality. An app having geolocation integrated to it, will automatically detect the location of a user and deliver property-search options accordingly.
With a real estate mobile app or mobile website, users can search properties even when they are on the go and explore limitless options presented with rich photos, attractive videos, interactive maps and many other details. Users can be given options to filter their searches with parameters like location, price, the numbers of bedrooms / bathroom required, car parking space, and others. Also, voice search feature is the new thing that can also be added to the app to make search more convenient.
If customers do not find property options of their choice, the real estate apps can be added with feature that let them set instant alerts whenever a property with their priority becomes available in market. Some developers are adding feature of crime maps so that they can inspect locality of an area in which they are wishing to buy a property.
The real estate apps can arm agents with power to let customers envision how a space might look like. They can measure a room and draw up possible floor plans of a land right at the front of customers. With app property agents can facilitate customers directly connecting with flat owners, allowing location based searches and offering crowd-sourcing of supply. Mobile technology is helping real estate agents close deals even from the street. An app having geo-search features can easier the search of owners or principles of a property by real estate agents. It can give them access to the most accurate information so that they can instantly close deals.
Hot things being implemented in real estate industry with the use of mobile technology:

  • 3D viewing of property helps in two ways. First it helps customers who can virtually explore property. Second it helps agents who do not need to take every customer to the site and show property.
  • Many apps showcase slideshows + voice commentary of properties.
  • There are apps that connect one agent with other agents to grow their network.
  •  Apps that help customers to create checklist of documents so that no delay happen because of sort of any document.
  • Many agents are implementing micro sites featuring photos, videos, listing of formal clients, colleagues, local market and other trends to improve conversion rate.
  • Some agents taking help of Google Glass to capture eye-view video tour of properties and then adding these videos to the app.
  • There are apps to educate homeowner so that they make right choices in home buying quest.
  • Social media integration is proving to be an effective tool of increasing engagement and the rate of conversion.

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