Modern day’s enterprise mobile application development needs a different approach

If organizations want to maximize return from current resources and better connect with their people, partners and prospects, having dedicated mobile application development is a must for them. However, without changing the development approach, mobile strategy cannot be truly much effective.



Pick a team that can be compatible with fast-movie agile style in which developers face customer during every important implementation and often time, throughout the development of whole project. The mobile application development team should also be able to work with no or minimum detailed documentation required.
Developers should be able to work hand-in-hand with clients without the help a large business team and system analysts. Agile method of programming does not often require a project manger because teams of developers are self managing.

The work method

The project is generally identified, scoped, coded and delivered in a few days. Even the apps with complex functionalities can be implemented with a couple of months. There is no time to put up a thorough ROI-style review of the costs and benefits of funding such projects because this approach can slow the team and impede the benefits as well.

Focus on real customer needs

Often time need and want of clients associated with a mobile application development go beyond what IT can offer. Old-style legacy systems driving processes and functions do not always focus what a real customer needs. Mobile platforms offers a range of new features such as high-resolution display, cameras, GPS, and touch screen and a mobile application development created around these tools can certainly enhance the user experience of individual customer.

Multiple device support

There are different species of mobile devices available in the market. Standardizing an app to particular platform is not a nice idea. The app needs to be enhanced to take the advantage of cheaper device as well. Standardizing an app to high-end device isn’t also a good idea because they can any time become obsolete. On the other, cheaper devices may stay longer on the ground because of their large adoption ratio.

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