Myntra will now be mobile-only retailer from 1 May.

India’s leading fashion retailer Myntra has announced to shut down its website and become only a mobile app based retailer from May 1. So from coming month, we will see Myntra as first of its kind Indian online retailer with mobile-only presence. The decision is being taken due to surging number of smart devices in the country.
Myntra was already considering to terminate its web platform sometime during this year according to a Times Of India’s report came on 7 February; however, no one expected that the decision will come that much early. If the experiment goes down well, Myntra’s owner Flipkart may also follow the same track.
Flipkart and Myntra are already not accessible through mobile websites now. They closed mobile websites to direct visitors to apps. Soon, Myntra will launch a 360-degree ad-campaign to inform people that they will have app-only presence from the first day of next month.
The decision is taken with keeping these figures in mind that more than 80% traffic and 70% of sales to Myntra are coming only from mobile apps. Flipkart, for now, is getting more than 60% sales through its app.
They seem to have their total focus on mobile and thus are making all their investments on taking mobile experiences a step ahead. Also, now desktops are not giving same returns on investment because of rising adoption of mobile devices for most of the routine computing requirements as said by co Flipkart’s co-founder.
As of 2013, there was 9% online shopper penetration in Indian market but it is expected to increase 36% of whole market by 2020 and of course, major part of it will be led by mobile users according to study conducted by Morgan Stanley.
So what will happen when someone opens from desktop on 1 May? It’s expected that that they will put a page asking users to visit app stores and download the Myntra app. 

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