New Google’s app approval system to take care of parental and cultural concerns

If you are engaged in Android application development and will soon submit your app to Google Play Store, you should be aware of the new rating system and approval process that Google has recently unveiled. This new app rating and approval procedure takes care of parental and cultural concerns, particularly reassures parents who are concerned about what available to their children’s phone.
Apart this, Google will also deploy a team of human experts reviewing app submission before allowing them to become available in the store. One clear reason for tightening the approval process is that Google wants more parents and children using its services and devices. Also, parents can allow their children to use Android devices without being bothered that they would be exposed to inappropriate content. In this same sequence, Google has already released YouTube Kids app in February this year. It shows up age-appropriate videos, channels and playlists to children.
Google will work with International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) for its new rating system and approval process. A questionnaire will be given to developers to assign a label appropriate to the region where the app-content is accessed. It will include information about the sensitive content such as nudity, profanity or alcohol references.
Previously developers were assigning their own ratings to content contained by their apps but it was difficult to fix that a news app showing up nudity might receive a more soft rating in Germany or Brazil than in the USA, where content like this is considered unsuitable for more typical news services. Google’s association with IARC will bring human involvement in the whole app rating and approval process.
With this new system, Google has also assured that even if there will be human evaluators, the app approval process will be faster as compared to other app stores. Let us see what really Google’s new system for app rating and approval unfolds for people engaged in Android application development.

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