New Phone: Nokia-Windows Partnership

By the end of this year Microsoft apps will run on Anna or Belle symbian smartphone as well. Nokia recently announced that symbian belle devices are soon going to be out. The mobiles are packed with the latest wireless technology and Near Field Communication that are yet to be launched by other mobile companies.
Nokia’s CEO Stefan Elop said that Nokia Windows mobile will be available during the starting of Q4 2011. With the partnership of Nokia and Windows the latest phones will have better features as compared to the old Windows 7 Phones. For example, navigation, mapping, entertainment and certain other qualities will make the phone just like Nokia. The dates have not been disclosed for the 4th quarter of 2011. But as we know that Nokia is still very popular in the Indian sub continent the phones are expected to get launched by the fall this year.
Many new phones are all set to be launched by the end of this year, therefore it is expected that the year-end will be really exciting and full of surprises when it comes to latest handsets. As a result of so many phones being launched the consumers will be spoilt for choice. The winner will be judged only by the end of this year.

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