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Facebook and iPhone have been merged into a single name since it has been approved as the free apps in iPhone Apps Store. Facebook was as usual popular among internet users in the web platter. Now just because of iPhone approval, its popularity is constantly exceeding with 7 million monthly active users, covering 25% of 30 million mobile users. Facebook and iphone seems to be pronounced as a single word when our next generation would spend their days with social application. And if we watch the usage metrics and engagement curve for Facebook through iPhone, we can find this application has opened new horizons for advertisers as well.

With launch of Apple iPhone 3G S, new era of mobile technology experience has begun. iPhone OS and SDK is now able to provide an amazing platform for creating the next generation of innovative mobile applications. The more Apple iPhone Operating System and Software Development Kit are being advanced and well versed, the more users’ involvement has been increased to grab various useful applications.

Photo viewer, message composer and web image views are few of the interesting Facebook-iPhone applications. Photo sharing is being an interactive feature and it is being popular since it has become the most downloaded iPhone app. All in all these interactive iPhone applications have changed the way we; i.e. live and continue to do so.

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