Nokia to bring its Maps on iOS and Android powered devices

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Everybody knows that Nokia, for now, is a struggling brand as it hasn’t found its way to a successful comeback in the global smart phone arena. It partnered with Microsoft and used Windows Phone 7 and is now using Windows Phone 8 to get back its lost charm. However, no Windows Phone powered Nokia’s device has succeeded to carve a special niche among users. Now the company is hoping to get its tentacles into competitors’ phones via mapping apps. Many believe it as a move of Nokia to help itself.

Nokia is going to release a maps app called HERE on the App Store (iOS app store) this week. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. They also said that Android programmers will soon be able to get the toolkit of maps app HERE and use it in their mobile app projects. The company is also partnering with Mozilla, world’s no. 1 browser, in order to develop location features for Mozilla’s OS dubbed as Firefox OS.

Nokia emphasizes that its mapping database is more powerful than the maps apps of Google and Apple. It recently published a blog-post in which it concluded that its maps app is better than Google’s and Apple’s maps apps at lots of places.