Have you noticed WhatsApp’s new updates?

If you are using WhatsApp in your Android phone, you probably have noticed the new features in that. Among several others, the hot of them is recently tipped ‘mark as unread’ feature.  If you are not seeing these features in your current WhatsApp, consider updating it. The app version to have these features is v2.12.194.

whatsapp update

Custom notification setting is another feature introduced in the app. Now you can easily customize notifications for individual contacts or groups. If you want to reach this setting, it’s available in a contact’s or group’s detail page just below the media box.

The new notification setting box also includes options like muting. Also you can choose custom option for tones, vibrate length, popup notification etc.

Many users have been waiting for an unread feature and with new update, this feature is available. To it, tap and hold conversation, and it will be marked as unread. Although, it doesn’t change switch the sender’s status and makes changes as receiver end. This feature will help you come back later to chat without any confusion.

Now with new updates, a new feature has also been added as low data usage for voice calls. This is going to be useful for users from locations where there is limited connectivity. WhatsApp now again has Google Drive backup which was first introduced in April but remove shortly. Now you can backup of your conversation and restore it on Google Drive.



Author: admin