Now you would be able to DISLIKE Facebook posts

facebook dislike

Do you want disliking a post on Facebook? Yes, this will soon be made possible. World’s most popular social media platform is on the way to ship a test for this purpose, as Mark Zuckerberg recently shared in an event. The dislike button would probably be more nuanced than a simple thumbs-down. Does that mean Facebook; the friendliest self-expression platform could become a less friendly place after this dislike button? Maybe.

facebook dislike

Users at the platform have been requesting to express their disagreements through a dislike button. Posts that are sad, tragic, or hurt social sentiments need disliking but so far, there is no way other than commenting negatively to express negative emotions or empathy.

Roger Anderson Atlanta, who has been former government microbiologist, says that there is nothing wrong on having dislike button. People may have different opinions on a Facebook post and if it hurts someone, he / she should be allowed to express disagreements on it.

Debra Aho Williamson, who is a social media analyst, says that having a single dislike button will let you express a complex range of negative emotions to a Facebook post.

There are mix responds in adding a Dislike button to Facebook. But its merits and demerits can be experienced only when it’s really enabled. Let’s wait or watch.

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