Now AR apps of IKEA and Overstock are using Google’s ARCore

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We have seen tons of usages of augmented reality technology so far. Business from industries like entertainment, healthcare, retail, marketing, education, military, travel & tourism, automation, manufacturing, and fashion are already using the AR technology. One of the best uses of AR mobility we have recently seen is IKEA’s AR app that augments how particular IKEA furniture item would look in your home before you actually through money at it.

Another furniture manufacturer, Overstock is also going to launch AR app like IKEA. The app will feature thousands of true-to-life-size 3D models in the highest resolution. It delivers the most precise representation of products sold by Overstock. These items can be augmented in any room by users.
As of latest news, both IKEA and Overstock have partnered with Google to use its ARCore for the Android versions of their apps.
Google launched its ARCore 1.0 last month to help developers implement advanced AR functionality and experience in their apps. The IKEA app using ARCore is its “Place” app, which has recently been launched on Google Play store. The app lets users / customers place virtual furniture item in their home. The app acts as a “try before buy” option. The app has more than 3,200 digital representations of IKEA’s products from different categories like living room, bad room, kitchen, bathroom, and everywhere else in a home. The IKEA’s Place app can use the visual search feature comparing any furniture item with their counterparts sold by IKEA.
Overstock too has revealed its app, which is using Google’s ARCore integration. It allows users to see thousands of furniture items, rugs, and more and augment them all through the phone’s camera. Customers can now augment the top-selling items provided by Overstock to see if their size, texture, and color match with their current room-design. Overstock’s ARCore powered app is also available on Google Play store.
Only those devices, which support ARCore app, will support these two apps. Some of these devices include Pixel devices, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, LG V30, OnePlus 5, and soon, the Galaxy S9 as well. ARCore is expected to support other devices by the time.

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