Now Kodak to launch Android smartphones

Android’s influence is known to us all. For now, no OS stands as tall as Android. With 85% share in global smartphone market, Android is today’s biggest smartphone operating system. We can easily create a long list of companies which have begun to do well in smartphone market just after adopting Android as the core software for their smart phones.
Take the example of Samsung which only had 3.3% share in global smartphone market in 2009. It was the same year when the company launched its first ever Android powered smartphones. That year, Nokia was the biggest player with 38.6% share in global smartphone market but in less the three years, things had changed upside down. In 2012, Samsung turned out to be one of biggest market share holders. In second quarter that year, Samsung captured 32.2% share of global smartphone market.
Other companies like HTC, LG, Sony, Huawai, Lenovo, etc were also excelling in market just because of Android. Even Amazon, which had no previous experience in making mobile devices, launched its forked-Android powered e-reader, Kindle Fire which has been surprisingly successful since its launch.
Nokia was falling after Q1 2010 and had almost lost its existence in market by the end of Q2 2012. Experts say Nokia could have survived without selling itself to any company if it would have also begun to power its mobiles with Android. However, when Microsoft purchased the company, they launched few Android devices but it was already too late. It has recently launched N1 tablet that is running Android as the core but many say, it is a late entry in the game.
Thank god Kodak is not going to do this mistake. Its mobile initiation stands on Android since the beginning. As reports are coming from different sources, Kodak is going to launch its first ever Android smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Les Vegas in 2015.
Kodak is entering the market with Bullitt Group. The partnership of these two companies is expected to offer their phones with high quality camera options. Last year at Consumer Electronic Show, the Bullitt Group already showed off rugged Android phones with CAT branding .
Experts in market are expecting the Kodak branded phones to come up with a host of impressive optical features and photo editing software. Full details have yet not been shared. so all we can do is wait for a a few days.

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