Offshore Software Development

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Today computer software industry is one of the biggest revenue generating industry in the world. Its growth has been phenomenal along with the growth of computers. Today everything we do on a computer is having some software playing its part in it. But, even after having a vast plethora of available software, there are still some requirements where you do need to have a custom solution, which is specific to your needs and doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s always a tricky part to find a software developer who has the experience and expertise required to develop software effectively and efficiently.

The offshore software development industry has been addressing this concern and has been on the rise over the past half a decade now, and not without reason. In the grave economic conditions, even the mighty multi-nationals have had to face the wrath of economic slowdown. The only way to face it was to hire offshore software development companies and cut down on the software development costs. India has been the leader in offshore software development, and among them, Rapidsoft Technologies has been able to stand up and become a part of the outsourcing industry.

Rapidsoft Technologies is based in Gurgaon and has been catering to the offshore software development market for almost half a decade now. Over the years, Rapidsoft has been able to cater to various clients, be it on individual level, or multinationals, everytime able to satisfy the client’s requirements and delivering on time. We understand the fundamental requirements in the offshore development industry. We can provide you the best package for whatever your requirements, and our solutions are always cost effective, deadline based, and follows a strict software development cycle. We understand the need of privacy and data security, that’s why our development processes make sure that none of the client’s valuable data is at risk. Our teams of developers are all quite experienced and talented in their respective fields, and all of them thrive to utilize the highest levels of skills required in software development.

We offer services on software development for the desktop, web and mobile. In custom mobile application development we develop applications for J2ME, Symbian/UIQ, Android, Blackberry, BREW, iPhone, Windows Mobile. For web we work on Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Sharepoint, AJAX, and for desktop applications we use C, C++, VC++ and JAVA