What is the app development lifecycle?

app development lifecycle

A successful and engaging app which also generates revenue along with productively handling the assigned task is created only when the app development team behind it does understand each of steps of the app development lifecycle.
The process of mobile app development isn’t simple at all. It takes careful …

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How to Generate Leads For B2B

Emai -Marketing

A business continues to exist because of leads – the queries to their services or products. The more a business gets leads, the more it has chances to stay in the market. Without leads, there is no business. 
The lead generation process is made of several activities which require putting …

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Busting The Top 7 Myths About Android OS

busting the myths

Android has not yet succeeded to build trust among many people. There are still several myths about Android that prevent people to use Android phones. This post busts them all.
Look at your friends and family members observably and you will notice that 8 out of 10 of them use …

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