Mobile application development technology has gone beyond one’s imagination. It is now matured enough to serve the areas which are totally different from each other. From science to medical, to shopping, to art, mobile apps can be created for almost all the purposes.

How about reading poems and poetries in mobile phone? Yes, mobile developers are building mobile apps for creating & discovering poetry. These apps let you read, write and share poetry among users. Now your love for poetry can always live with you through a dedicate app installed in your device.

Not only in reading, writing and sharing poetries but apps can also become as an access card or ticket to attend a concert where poetic drams like operas are performed. Many custom apps have been developed which can carry your ticket to  live concerts, movie multiplexes, and various other events. Tailor made apps can make way for mobile ticketing with no use of paper based tickets. And of course, this mobile based ticketing approach is environment friendly too.

Mobile application development technology is also touching sports. In 2012 London Summer Olympic, some iPad and iPhone developers came out as true entrepreneur and left no stone upturned to take the advantages of the available opportunities. Some apps were made for providing complete schedule, brief history and rules of games while others were providing online video streams. It was really a good time for summer Olympic apps.

Movies & television industry also appears to be influenced with mobile applications. They are getting apps built for promoting their movies & television content and even for online video streaming. A good example of such app is HBO Go which is a streaming service from HBO. It lets users watch their favorite movies, shows and sports straight on mobile devices.

Mobile apps have turned out to be handiest tool for various sorts of navigations. Whether it’s about navigation of roads, directions, local market or indoor map navigation, mobile devices with dedicated mobile apps, are able to provide accurate results. Navigation apps are also becoming popular in automobile industry. More and more cars are coming with navigation computers that help drivers easily find roads and destinations. Navigation applications and systems add great value to car too.

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Mobile application development is the latest IT buzz. Almost all businesses, whether they are online or offline, want to go mobile with dedicated smartphone app development. But, creating an application successfully does not always mean that the app can be marketed or advertised successfully too, particularly when most of the developers have expressed dissatisfaction with the current app marketing & advertising techniques. As of’s report of June 2013, about 70 percent application makers were not satisfied with the then choice of techniques for marketing and advertising an app.

And it’s natural too, particularly when leading app stores like Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store together have more than 2 million apps. But it’s not that much difficult too because experts have already shared their ideas to promote and market an app. So, do you know how to promote an application?

When it comes to mobile application development, there is need of creating a systematic plan for its marketing and promotional strategy. Once developers follow it, they reduce gap between success and their application.

But, what will happen if the product to be promoted or marketed, isn’t that much perfect. If you have finished up with a bad product or app, the only way left is improvement. But if you haven’t implemented your idea or it’s only on papers so far, it’s recommended that you hire an app development firm to professionally realize your idea into reality. However, there are certain aspects to be considered in hiring the best mobile application development company. Experts know how to choose a platform that fits the idea of the app. They know how to innovate it to keep it up to the latest market trends and how to resolve security concerns so that end-users can be ensured with utmost level of security.

Apart from developer’s platform expertise, ability to innovate the idea and capability of providing great safety, you must also have answers for these questions before hiring a mobile application development company:

  • Is the developer registered?
  • Is the company able to provide its portfolio?
  • What are the modes of communication?
  • What is the size of developers’ team?
  • The copyright ownership
  • The fee-payment terms for the project.

But if you are developing an app for venturing your own idea, developers have already shared top of the tips for this purpose too. And according to these tips, you must have following things in your mind while going to begin the development:

  • Who will benefit from the app?
  • Do you have expertise to realize the idea?
  • Does audience use the devices you want to target?
  • Is the idea matured enough to invest in.

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Other things that help you make a perfect app include:

  • Considering the life-cycle of an app
  • Make the app with mobile-friendly scenario
  • Does the app fulfill any clear business goal?
  • Are you able track the progress of the app.

So, it’s really not difficult to make an application, but it is not easy to make an app really help people. Apps, based on research and designed by professionals, and are serving at least one purpose, really change the world. Can your app change the world?

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There are unbelievable things taking place in the world of mobile application development. Developers, with their creativity and vision, are finding ways to implement mobile app development technology wherever they see scope for it. And there is nothing wrong in this. Smartphones and apps are such powerful that they can handle a variety of computing tasks. Take the example of healthcare industry where these tiny applications have power to redefine healthcare services. Dedicated mobile apps for healthcare can cover a range of purposes, from remote patient monitoring to drug reference, to patient scheduling, etc.

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Some mobile developers have gone a step ahead by combining entertainment, mobile technology and health. They are devising applications that serve two purposes: first they are mobile gamex and second, these apps help users improve and keep track of their health. It’s an amazing idea. Now, more and more companies in mobile software development are aimed at making mobile technology helpful for users. Today, smartphone software can be made for solving serious issues such as health, as I explain above, and education too.

Yes, it’s true that mobile game can also help in solving serious issues. The right and dedicated mobile game app developments can not only cover the requirements of schools and colleges but can also behave like training tool for the employees of a company or business. Mobile based learning applications are influencing experts from a lot of fields such as science and engineering. Instructors from these fields have spotted mobile apps as a useful tool.

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Similar to this, mobile game based movie promotion is also coming out as a trend. It’s rather interesting that one entertainment medium is taking help of other. Yes, mobile applications are also affecting cinema and television. Directors and producers of movies and television series are launching mobile games which are based on their movies and series. And interesting thing is that, this approach is working.

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Not only intangible but tangible things are also being promoted and marketed with help of mobile apps. Take the example of real estate. Dedicatedly designed mobile applications are turning out to be great help for real estate industry too. Real estate agents are getting these apps to attract clients. As a crucial tool, real estate applications help real estate agent control their content that they want potential customer to see. These apps can be added with features like dedicated search and result, interactive property browsing (even with using 3D technology), localization of information, etc.

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Using a smartphone or tablet is now more than a trend. It’s hard to ignore the advantages that a smart device can offer us. In most cases, it can replicate the features, performance and productivity of a laptop or desktop. But there are still many issues that do not allow us to use smartphone or tablet the way we want. Here are the top issues and their answers:

How to keep my Android smartphone’s battery alive all the day?

Android smartphone users keep struggling with quickly draining battery. A single charge can hardly keep their phones alive all through day. Even expensive phones have this issue. In spite of being called smartphone, battery in these devices isn’t that much smart. But it’s not full truth. Many users know how to save battery and keep the phone on for all the day. Discover more…

How to use a tablet as PC?

Tablets nearly have the screen size of laptops. A 10 inch tablet can be the perfect replacement for laptop and even desktop. They are portable and realizing the true meaning of mobility too. They run wirelessly and provide high-speed internet connectivity. Many people have begun to rely completely on tablets. So can we really use tablet as PC? Discover more…

Does my Android phone need an antivirus?

No established data are available to confirm that whether or not it is compulsory for users to use Antivirus in their Android phones. However, security risks are always there but they are no more hidden now. Most of the risks have now been identified and users can take precautions to avoid any sort of security breach caused by antivirus or malware. Discover more…

Does rooting Android phone really help?

Rooting Android phone is the hottest topic of debate among users and even mobile developers. If the right approach is followed, rooting can turn your device a powerhouse. Rooting can unlock a number of features that mobile vendors often do not let end-users know. Discover more…

How to stop app from crash?

App crash is frustrating, particularly when you are in the middle of a task. Whether it’s gaming app or productivity app, its crash bothers users. But it can be stopped. Both mobile developers and end-users can deal with app crash. Discover more…

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App stores of both Android and iOS are nearly flooding. Together they have more than 2.27 million apps for smartphones and tablet devices, but not all of them are performing well. Many of them have been striving even for a respectful number of downloads since their launch. Even if developers have spent weeks or months in mobile application development, don’t know what goes wrong so that the app does never get desired market exposure.

First and foremost, an app is a digital product, and if you are aware of this fact then you should also be aware of all the steps that marketers take to market or promote their products. Although strategy will change but a campaign is still there. Let this piece of information help mobile developers promote their applications.

Make a website and micro-site.

If you have more than one app, you must have a website where all your apps can be displayed. Many users want to check the website of the developers before downloading an app. A website will also be the destination point of all your app-promotion campaign. You can also make separate micro-site for separate application. A one or two-page website will work.

Pre-launch Campaign

No one is going to have a dream that a fantastic app is out there in app stores if you have not done anything for the app’s pre-launch campaign. A pre-launch campaign helps audience build interest several days before the actual release of an application. The website intended for pre-launch campaign is supposed to showcase all the major features that the app will have. If you don’t have real video because the app is still in the progress, animated videos will let audience imagine what the app will look like. You can ask audience for their suggestions by encouraging them for filling a form and allowing them to suggest features. A suggestion section can help in two ways. First, it  will help you collect audience’s email IDs which you can later use to send information about the release data of the application and second, it will let you know what audience wants in that app.

A blog or forum, or both

Add a blog to the main website of the app and begin posting interesting content to draw the attention of future-users. You can begin it either before or after the launch of the app. Both ways will work. In the blog you can also share that you have implemented a new feature. This will keep your audience engaged. A forum will also help audience clear their doubts about app support. For example, not all Android phones support all the apps and thus a forum by developers will help them easily finding their answers. Also, you can contact to those blogger who write and share content in similar app-niche. Try pitching your app to their blogs.


Use social media sites.

Social media sites are rocking. They are fit for almost all types of product promotion, whether it’s software or a machine. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are three major social media sites. LinkedIn can also be a choice, but it’s not a good place when it comes to promote a game; instead; promoting an enterprise application on LinkedIn sounds good. Create pages on these social media sites where you need to post content several times in a week.

Announce a release data

Once you succeed to create hype around your app through social media sites, it is time you announce its release date. The release date will quickly increase the number of downloads. Send emails to people that you are launching app on a particular date. This will make your efforts more trustworthy for audience and of course, release the app on said date. No excuse please.

Respond to reviews of users

If your app is really useful, you can ask users to review and rate it in app stores. Apart from good reviews, you will get mix or bad reviews two but don’t be disappointed for bad reviews. Bad reviews offer you an opportunity to improve your existing app.

Put your app in reviews websites
Websites like AppAdvice, AppStoreApps, 148apps and several others provide insights of an app. These companies can create enough buzz if they list your app on their websites. These lists may come in the search of users who, after reading reviews provided by the review-website, will decide on downloading or not downloading the app.

Create a how-to and FAQ.

There are a number of how-to websites where how-to articles for the app can be posted. These articles help users clear their doubts about particular app features or settings. Similarly, you can also create FAQ on the website of the app. The FAQ is supposed to provide answers to all the possible issues that users can experienced while using the app.

App-page optimization

App page optimization is nothing but the SEO of an application. For every app submission, app stores generate a dedicated page where developers can put description, videos and images of the app. Try making the page as informative as possible. Provide all features that the app has. Present them in bullets so that users can easily go through them. Also, a perfect combination of keywords and key-phrases is necessary. But do not let keywords or key-phrases affect the actual sense of information. Put the best of the screenshots and videos in the page of the app and also keep responding to both positive and negative reviews written by users.

Go in the field, get press and speak about the app.

Not all the parts of a promotion campaign can be executed online. For some of them, developers need to go in field too. Get press and for this purpose, developers need to manually reach out journalists. Similar to this, you can also research the events that match your app theme and get chance to speak about your app. This will really set you in market as an authority.

Apply for awards

There are a number of forums that provide awards based on the performance and uses of a product. Winning even a single award is going to establish your app as a brand in market. And most interesting part of these awards is that you can apply for them online.

Create Facebook Fan page of likewise users and also, contact admins of related Facebook pages.

Mobile developers can also create Facebook Fan page of likewise users and share content among them on regular basis. This will keep audience engaged. Also, they can contact the administrators of similar Facebook pages which have 100+ likes and ask them to share about your app; however you need to give them solid reason to do soo.

Social media integration in the app

You can also put social buttons in an app and encourage users to share about the progress in the app. In case of game, you can encourage users to share the update after completing each level successfully. This will let the connections of particular user’s social profile know that he/she is using the app and making good score too.

Share content on Pinterest and Stumbleupon

Pinterest, as a visual discovery tool, provides good exposure to whatever is posted on this. Here you can post images of your app, blog, infographics and various types of visual content. But make sure that images you have put on Pinterest, are striking enough to hold audience. You can also go with Stumbleupon’s paid discovery which will get you hundreds of visitors per day in limited budget.

Adding more in future… 

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One can hardly establish a direct connection between satellite and detecting metal or saving rain-forest, but with smartphones, this is possible too. A smartphone, and with dedicated mobile application development, it’s not difficult to put today’s mobile technology in the center of everything. And thus it’s true that a smartphone can power satellites, become mobile lab, drive cars, screen health, detect metals and save rain-forest. Let me refer some examples:

Smartphone powered satellites

In February 2013, a Google Nexus powered nano-satellite was sent into orbit under the joint project of University of Surrey’s Space Center and Surry Satellite Technologies limited. Of course, the satellite had some experimental applications which were put in the phone to collect data from space.

Smartphone powered medical labs

With a dedicated mobile application development, smartphones can easily be turned into medical labs, and that’ what researchers at the University of Illinois tried to do in 2013, according to the reports from Researchers have developed an iPhone cradle and app that make a device a complete medical lab. It uses the camera of phone to detect toxins, proteins, viruses, bacteria and other organisms.

Smartphones driving cars

Google’s own self-driving car runs on $30,000 of high-tech hardware and various other sensors but at Griffith University, Australia, students did it with a single smartphone. They relived on smartphone’s built-in GPS system.

Smartphone health screening

Smartphones can also screen health. In 2012, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology found that smartphone screens can be turned into digital doctors working on same tap and swiping mechanisms for screening health. Screens could detect protein and DNA molecules just by taping or swiping on them.

Smartphone based metal detectors

Many Android smartphones come with built-in magnetometer, and it has quite beneficial use as explained by Medgadget “Imagine having a metal detector handy when you, as an emergency physician, have an unconscious patient come in and you need to know whether he has an implant.”

However; magnetometers in today’s smartphones are not that much effective and can detect metals in range of a few inches but in future, more powerful magnetometer detection system can be added to smartphones for the purpose of detecting metal in emergency conditions.

Smartphone saving rain-forests

In 2013, a nonprofit in Indonesia launched an Android application that listens for the telltale growl of chainsaw and trigger an alert. Powered by solar panels, these smartphones have an application that keeps their microphones on all times and listens for the sound of chainsaw.

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This infographic presents the hottest trends which are going to stay in mobile application development industry all through the year 2014. 

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People really want to use their tablets as laptop. Although these big handheld devices have yet to become perfect, you can still configure them to give place of a laptop. A tablet is rather light in weight, comparatively has longer battery life and almost quicker boot-up as well as most of the times, they are always on. Also, mobile application developers around the world are doing pretty good work by building apps for almost all the purposes that mobile devices can do.

But, the big question is that what tablet you should use? There are a number of choices in market when it comes to replacing a laptop with tablet.

Picking a tablet

If you are planning to do a lot of Office-applications based tasks, the recommended tablets for you, are Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. They both come with pre-installed Office productivity suite which is of course a great software package for writing, data-management and  presentation operations. They have big displays of 10.6 inches which provide enough room for a variety of desktop-level operations. However, a handful of users are fan of Windows mobile products. Majority of tablets users prefer iOS and Android powered devices.

Two good choices include Apple’s iPad and Google’s Nexus 10. A 16GB iPad Air starts at $499 and weighs only 1 pound. Google’s Nexus 10 is too a good choice with slightly larger screen and built in NFC. You just need to pay $399 for the 16GB model.

Many people have issue in working with tablets as they say that tablet-screens are rather smaller to put up these device for professional operations; however, with sky-high screen resolution, tablets are able to offer several time better details in smaller work-area.

Adding keyboard / mouse

Virtual keyboard can never be as productive as physical keyboard and because of this reason, many people  spending all their work-day with hitting fingers against keyboard-buttons, do not prefer tablets. But an external keyboard attachment is the way out.

Both iPad and Android tablet users have tens of external keyboard options to choose from. Many of these keyboards also cover tablet as carrying case. Both keyboard and mouse can be wirelessly connected to the device via Bluetooth. Also they deliver real-time response on pressing keys.

Enhancing productivity via applications

Mobile developers have learned this lesson that they need a totally different approach for creating apps. They offer such apps which are purposely customized for large-screen devices.  With these apps, it’s too easy to turn your tablet device into a productive powerhouse. Also, mobile or tablet application are cheap in comparison of desktop software and thus most users can use paid versions of any software.

File storage.

The ultimate option is Cloud. Both Apple and Android offer their own cloud storages but cloud, of course, consumes huge internet data when it comes to transferring large sized files. An external storage can also be cheap way out but unfortunately, Apple’s devices don’t easily provide any support.

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If you are kind of power Android smartphone user, you may have the desire of rooting your device. Many Android developers root their devices to play around with advanced features of the OS and implementing support for them in their apps. But the question – to root or not to root – keeps confusing ordinary users. Well, at user-end, it’s natural to encounter this confusion because there are both advantages and disadvantages of rooting an Android powered phone.

It’s true that rooting an Android device offers a number of privileges over un-rooted devices; however, you require a certain level of commitment. You also need to be a bit tech-savvy. And of course, modicum of risk is also associated with rooting an Android smartphone.

Android rooting is the trendiest topic around mobile world for both users and mobile application developers. Let me clear it a bit more. The rooting simply means getting the root access to a device. A mobile device maker provides plenty of settings that end-user can use to tweak to make a device more productive. But by rooting a device, user can modify more things at deepest level.

Apps abundantly

It’s not difficult to get good apps in Google Play but why being satisfied just with “good” when you can get “better” or “great”? Rooted devices can get such apps which require going deeper into a phone’s brain. These are those apps which cannot function with regular device settings.

Latest operating system updates

A number of Android devices never receive an update and those receive, they are always three updates behind. Users keep complaining about this delay and Google hardly does anything. But with a rooted device and the support of the communities of Android developers, users are able to get latest updates months before actual release.

Getting rid of ugly, bulky skins

Not skins of all the Android phones excite users, do they? They don’t. Skins provided by device manufacturers are ugly, heavy, unwisely and to some extent, unproductive too. It has been spotted as major reason because of that OS updates take a long time.

But if you root your device, you can download a number of custom ROMs to make it more powerful and productive. Rooting gives users a way to keep changing skins.

Removing unwanted apps put in device by device makers

Apart from OEM skins, Android devices also come with a number of unwanted apps that device makers put in them; however, most of the users just do never use these applications. With regular settings, you cannot remove them but with rooting, you can completely remove these apps from your device.

Speeding-up battery life

Android phones can hardly stay alive throughout the day on a single charge. But with rooting, customized kernels can be installed. They speed up device and minimize the power consumption too.

Total customization

We can hardly complain about Android phone’s customizability. It’s one of the most customizable mobile operating systems out there. There are a number custom ROMs that can completely change the look and feel of an Android phone. With one of these ROMs installed in your rooted device, anyone can hardly guess that the core software is still the Android OS.

Limitless possibilities

Apart from above said advantages, there are many others things which a rooted Android phone can do. By rooting you can link up PlayStation controller to your phone. If you want to control who can call you and who cannot, you can do this. If you download certain apps blocked in your country or by your carrier, you can do this too. You can do a number of other things with rooting your Android phone.

Blocking ads in Any App

Many apps you like, show too many ads. You can absolutely block ads in a rooted Android phone. There are a number of applications available which help users block ads in any app.

More reasons will be added to this piece of information.

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If mobile developers create their apps with little care or leave the desire of collecting user’s personal information, we will hardly need of an antivirus software implementation in our Android phones. But things can never be this much fair at all. Because bad developers have bad ways to make money and thus the antivirus applications are created.

There are a number of antivirus programs available in Google Play and even in third party stores, which promise to protect android phones. But do these Google’s OS powered smartphones really need any security software or app?

In tech blogs, forums and community, people keep writing and sharing a lot of things about Android malwares or other malicious software but the biggest fact is that 99% of these bad programs come from outside Google Play. Some users download cracked software in their devices to save a few dollars but at the end of the day, these devices are found infected with malware or other malicious programs. However, they can save their smartphones if they know that where does Android virus or malware come from.

So where does android malware come from? Here are top sources:

  • Play Store is nearly flooding with about a million apps. A handful of them come from reputed mobile application developers and rest from unknowns. Many users have tendency to download any app that seems to fulfill their object and by this way, they allow malicious software to enter their device.
  • Permissions are caution signs but if you ignore them, you are going to put your device into problem. Many users downloading apps do not check all the given permissions and by this rashness, they allow an app entering the device with suspicious permissions.
  •  Applications are available at almost no cost; even paid ones are so cheap. Many of them can be purchased at few dollars but if you do not want to pay even for paid apps and download their cracked versions from third party stores, you are probably downloading a malicious application in your device.

Saving Android smartphone from malware or virus attack has been an exclusive question since Android has begun its journey. Here are some top suggestions:

  • Before you give an app place in your device, do a proper research about its publisher. Thoroughly read in app’s discretion that what does a particular app do? If any of them looks a bit shady, you better don’t download it.
  • Whether you download a fancy alarm clock app or a torch app to ignite your camera flash as torch, do check their permissions properly, from beginning to ending. If any one of app’s given permissions feels to be illogical, don’t download that app.
  • If you are going to update an app, check all the permissions. Maybe, developers have changed the permissions.
  • Don’t download applications from third party stores.
  • Protect your Android device with password.
  • Maybe, power-users need their device rooted but an average tech-savvy smartphone user hardly needs rooting their device. There are already hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Play Store to turn an Android device into powerhouse.
  • Keep device’s Bluetooth off whenever it is not in use.
  • Timely download OS and application updates.
  • Last but not least, if you feel bored in reading reviews, permissions, and want to download applications from third party stores, you better get an antivirus app.

There is no established data that Antivirus is a must for Android phone. Instead, experts have expressed concerns for following disadvantages caused by an antivirus program.

  • Anti-virus or anti-malware apps consume a lot of your resources like RAM and CPU.
  • No Antivirus can guarantee the Total Security. Maximum cases of malware-attacks have occurred because of user’s carelessness.
  • An antivirus keeps running all the times and ultimately consumes largest portion of battery. It can even weaken battery life.
  • It may interrupt normal operation of applications.
  • They do also collect your personal information. Sorry, but they do this.
  • Keeping them un-updated will cause more risks.

How to check if your device has an infection?

  • Bad battery life.
  • Call or data connection drop
  • Inordinately large phone bills
  • Unusual data plan spiking
  •  Poor device performance

If your device too has one or more of above mentioned symptoms, maybe a malicious application or virus is causing it.

There may be many other things that may have gone unnoticed in this piece of information. I will add more whenever I come across it.

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