How to save battery of an Android phone?

battery android

Even if you have an expensive Android smartphone with a thousand more mAhs battery, it will not last longer. A few hours of continuous use may drain battery sooner than your expectations. Of course the big luscious AMOLED and LCD displays are the main drainers of battery.  But no one …

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Hiring Chatting App Development Company? Ask whether they build app with these features or not

social apps

We are living in the era of the internet and smartphone.Here, chatting apps are gaining immense popularity as they allow us to interact with one another in real-time.Chatting apps have completely replaced traditional text messaging. With advancement in smartphone and mobile app development technologies, chatting apps aren’t merely a medium …

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6 Best Analytics Tools For Mobile Apps

google analytics

With the rising trend of mobile apps, the demand of detailed analytics aiding developers discovering the trends and consumer-behaviors is also rising up. Developers need to collect the important numbers and then analyze them to form a new marketing strategy or make changes to current one.
There are a number …

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