The top reasons why a business needs apps.

Are you aware of the reasons why businesses around the world are hiring mobile app developers? Business-people have observed that getting a mobile app developed is becoming the exclusive trend with each passing day. And more than a trend, mobile apps are the demand of time. Reasons of implementing a …

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The innovations that iPhone introduced


Today we have apps for almost all computing purposes we can think about. Even for the requirement of fun and entertainment, we have hundreds of thousands of apps.
There are different types of smartphones available in market. Among all of them, iPhone has always been wining respect and love globally. …

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This is the architecture of Android OS.

It is of course not a hoopla that Android OS is today’s unquestionable boss in the smart device domain. As of latest market-data and allied estimations, the Android OS has captured almost 75-80 percent share of the global smartphone domain.  Its share in tablet market has also increased. The only …

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How to do these things in iPhone?

The following ones are not any tips or tricks but they are always there in your iPhone. You just haven’t used them so far.

How to quickly shut off the flashlight?

There is a flashlight-access included in iOS’s control center. You can quickly shut off an active flash light using …

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