Solve serious issues through mobile game development

How about solving serious issues through mobile games? Yes, there can be dedicated mobile game development that helps in simplifying learning in schools and colleges as well as behaves like training tool for employees.

Mobile game development to solve serious issues.

Mobile game development and learning are rapidly having impact …

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Promote a movie through mobile game

mobile games to promote movies

Everyone loves playing games in mobile and many just don’t mind to pay a few dollars to purchase games of their choice. Unlike other devices that require a lot of duct tape and bubble gum to play games, smartphones and tablets are easiest yet the powerful devices to play any …

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The way to mobile application development

Your smartphone has sleek, shining body, highly responsive touch-screen, smoother navigation and simplest core-software, but they are not enough to make it a real smartphone. A smartphone can hardly sell itself as a smartphone if it doesn’t have sufficient applications. Take the example of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS powered …

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Mobile application development – Top 3 reasons to prefer HTML5 over others

iOS mobile application development and Android mobile application development are doubtlessly two most popular technologies to create an app but HTML5 is also getting an exclusive place in the global community of mobile software developers. A group of developers suggested pretty good reasons to use HTML5 over other technologies. Here …

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A Review For iOS 7

Till now iOS 7 has come up with two versions dubbed as beta 2 and 3. The iOS7 beta 3 went live on 8th July 2013. It’s a revised edition, polished with new look and old metaphors. Though the customization is still strict in its own way. It provides a …

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Android's wealth and reputation

Today, Android has taken-over the major part of mobile market. Looking back in the history behind its formation shows that Android Inc was not really founded by Google itself. Initially, the incorporation was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003, by Andy Rubin and his partners and was later …

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