What Is The Best Android App Delivery Plan?

android app development delivery

With more than 2.6 million Android apps, Google Play is the richest app-store in the word of mobile. But these numbers may mean differently for different people. For example, Android app developers, when persuaded by these numbers, may want to launch an Android app project and hope for success. On …

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Top 5 IoT Platforms To Watch Out In 2019

iot platforms

Internet of Things, one of the fastest growing technologies, is making a big difference in the world. Now we have a number of connected devices, gadgets, and appliances. They are the things with internet connectivity providing them the ability to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other things and create …

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How to Develop a User-focused Mobile App

How to Develop a User-Focused Mobile App

Mobility is turning out to be a bit larger with every passing day. The same applied to app stores and the mobile app development market. Smart mobility is expanding its reach by touching almost all aspects of the human-life. Since smart mobility has become the key technology trend, we have …

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5 Ways To Cut Down The Cost Of A Mobile App Development

mobile app development cost

To generate more revenue, businesses need to keep targeting more customers. And the most trending way to this is to get an app developed. Mobile application development for a business’ selling / buying-processes or enterprise operations isn’t much complex these days. You simply hire a developer, explain your idea, detail …

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What Is m-Learning Mobile App Development?

m learning mobile app development

Back in 2007, when Apple released its first iPhone, there were few people who understood what major role that technological advancement would play in the future. Before that, people were using cell phones which they primarily used for texting and making calls. Apple introduced people to a completely new form …

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