Get a full scoop of Nexus One

Google-Nexus-OneNexus One had come in the modern climate of hyped (rather we can say over-hyped) smartphone launches. Since the branded Google device has launched, experts think, it might spell a fundamental change for the direction of smartphone platform. Let’s read on for the full scoop of Nexus One after 3 …

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The battle of Smartphone OSs is on!

Smartphone Application Development

The war is on and it will be heck of a show! Yes. We are talking about smartphone Operating Systems. In this exciting time we find smartphone Operating Systems themselves battle against each other!
While the mobile industry is flooded with ideas like comprehensive mobile platforms, the consumers prefer a …

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But Googles Android confirms for Flash!

AndroidYes! Google has publicly announced that Android’s upcoming OS version 2.2 (Code: Froyo) will support the Flash technology. Taking that, Google finally showed, Android Operating System is a serious competitor to iPhone today!

Right after the back-and-forth of Apple and Adobe, Google’s announcement revealed that Flash is still necessary for …

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There is a debate over Flash!


A Flash-free future? Yes, people are predicting the death of Flash since Apple banned that from its all Gadgets one by one. We have heard about the story of long relationship between Apple and Adobe. But now we find Apple-Adobe feud for last few weeks regarding Apple’s decision. And it …

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Now Twitter is out with Android!


During the period of the fight among all smartphones, Twitter did not waste time to launch its tweeting applications on smartphones. Right after the Blackberry, now it is Android platform where Twitter is letting you tweet. Now the Twitter App is available on Android device.

According to Twitter, the app …

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Should iPad think seriously of portable gaming?

apple ipad app developers
It is just 3 weeks Apple’s iPad has been out! Over 830 video games (excluding nearly 25,000 iPod Touch and iPhone games) have already been developed to suit the large format, high definition, multi-touch screen of iPad.

Experts say that iPad can be the future of portable gaming, although no …

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Blackberry Application Development: still getting sound every passing day!

Being synonymous with business smartphones, Blackberry devices offer much more than needed and satisfied users with the vast range of features and facilities. Its third party applications are also getting popular among its users. The latest trend of the Blackberry Applications helps the users optimize the utility of Smartphones.
Blackberry …

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