The paybacks that businesses can have from geo-location mobility


Businesses around the world are learning about the paybacks of the geo-location enabled mobility. When apps have the feature of detecting the location of smart devices, they are able to do things that may feel like a magic. Although a device having geo-location just detects the locations or lets its location be detected by others, but this simple feature can be used in several interesting and intelligent ways.
In fact, many businesses of today’s time have become popular only because of smartly using the geo-location capabilities of smart mobility. Also, geo-location has brought in significant changes to advertisement and market campaigns.  As of a 2016’s IAB UK study, 66% of marketers believe that location-based advertisement was the most exciting mobile opportunity available.
When a device shares its location wherever you carry it, advertisers have opportunity to personalize their messages to people based on their current locations. It’s called GEO-LOCATION ADVERTISEMENT and it happens in real time. For example, you are in a shopping complex but you don’t know that one of the shops there is providing your favorite brand shoes on heavy discounts. But the advertisement network, which keeps collecting data from your search habits, knows that you have recently been searching shoes of that brand. It may use that information and provide you notifications that a particular shop in that shopping complex selling the shoes of your favorite brand on heavy discounts. GEO-LOCATION IN RETAIL INDUSTRY can have pretty outstanding utilization. Retailers can use the information of a customer’s location — combined with various details of purchasing history – to send customized or personalized offers to smartphone-owners when they move into store.
The MOBILE APP BASED TAXI AND CAB INDUSTRY heavily depends on geo-location services. When you book a cab, you knowingly or unknowingly share your location with the app which later shows you the cab option nearest you. When you input you destination, the app is then also able to calculate the estimated fare to the drop-in location.
More and more taxi companies around the world are taking advantages of the geo-location feature of smart devices and adding it to their cab-booking mobile app. Geo-location makes booking of taxi easier than ever before as passengers have to do nothing but to share their locations with the app and they are ready!
AUGMENTED REALITY GAMES are another area where geo-location can be implemented quite interestingly. 2016’s super hit game Pokémon Go has evidenced it. This augmented reality location enabled game was downloaded by millions of people over the world. The game utilizes the fusion of AR and geo-location abilities to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures.
Restaurants engaged in ONLINE ORDER AND DELIVERY OF FOOD ITEMS too have discovered the advantages of geo-location. If they have an app or have been listed on food ordering and delivery portals, they will of course by preferred by customers near their location. In this way, this will receive more local orders and in result, they will have significant cost saving on delivery vehicles and staff. Customers will quickly get their order delivered and also, they can track the status of delivery and will be able to choose the restaurant based on their locations.
Almost all ecommerce businesses and currier delivery companies use  GEO-LOCATION ENABLED TRACKERS to keep informing customers about the status of delivery. School buses and field-force employees too are using the geo-location feature of smartphone to update about their travelling-locations.
The use of GEO-LOCATION IN DATING INDUSTRY  provided a sudden leap to business engaged in arranging suitable dating partners when they realized that how this feature of smart mobility can help people find a dating partner nearest their locations.
GEOLOCATION IN SPORT AND FITNESS INDUSTRIES is providing some excellent ways to track the progress of sport and fitness activities like running, cycling, swimming, etc. There are in fact many fitness apps which have made the taking care of health & fitness a game with the use of geo-location feature of a device.

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  1. hi, The mobile based technology is constantly getting upgraded with each passing day and as such the users are watching a new feature being added in the mobile applications. The Geo-Location is one such technology which helps in determining and identifying the exact location of any device such as a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, radar and so on.

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