Phonegap Mobile App development – Advantages and Disadvantages

phonegap mobile app development

PhoneGap is a widely used technology for cross platform mobile application development. It’s recommended for those app projects which have to be developed in a cost effective manner. The single code base can be used for creating multiple versions of an app.
It’s an open-source framework for mobile app development. In spite of being based on web standard technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, apps created with PhoneGap do support native device features like accelerometer, compass, GPS, camera, storage, contact, network and lot more through APIs.   Also being an open-source framework, there has been extensive adoption of PhoneGap which has created a large community of developers who encourage supporting each other.

phonegap mobile app development

However, before falling for PhoneGap, it is better you know some of its advantages & disadvantages:


  • Single code base can be used to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and mobile web.
  • Even if you have developed the app using PhoneGap, the app can be distributed on App store and Google Play.
  • With Phonegap, it is easy to do rapid testing ad deployment of an app
  • You can create hybrid apps to save the development time and efforts.
  • If there is little time to go to market, Phonegap is the technology to be used.
  • There is no need of additional development skills
  • Now it’s possible to tape into the hardware of device such as camera, geo-location, accelerometer and various others 
  • If the app is going to be the extension of your existing enterprise app, hybrid will prove to be best choice.
  • Hybrid is the best technology to launch a minimal viable product to rapidly figure out that how market reacts on certain app
  • Phonegap can be the best technology to support those apps which do not require heavy usage of native features of an OS.


Poor Performance=
Apps created using a tool like Phonegap is often spotted with delivering poor performance. It’s not a recommended technology for gaming applications. Native app technology is better choice, instead.
Lack Of UI Widgets
PhoneGap still does not have sufficient amount of UI Widgets. Because of this reason, the development can take more than usual. Often time, PhoneGap app developers are seen with polishing app to give it touch of native and look and feel. Also styling take good amount when an app is developed with PhoneGap.
If you want a graphically rich application, PhoneGap is not the best choice for it. Native application development allows developers to add any sorts of functionalities and features to an app.
No complete support to the features of an OS
Phonegap, however, has extended support to a lot of hardware features of an OS but still, many hardware cannot be interacted with using the Phonegap Mobile App development technologies.
Other disadvantages 

  • Often time Phonegap based apps become inefficient while working with native apps
  • If you want to achieve the native look & feel out of your Phonegap app, you will need to use 3rd party frameworks which may differ from each other in terms of quality
  • Of course the technology is supported by a huge community but still, professional supports lacks and thus many complex issues remain unsolved.


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