Quick tips to speed up an Android phone.

The Android smartphone you used to love is now deadly slow. Once it was fast like a rocket but now it kills you. Whatever you want to do in your phone, the response is slow and every day, it’s getting slower.  It seems that the phone is dying with some kind of slow poison. If you too are experiencing something like this, let me help you with following quick tips to speed your Android smartphone.

Clear App Cache

Apps keep writing cache, eat up considerable system resources and ultimately slow down the phone. There are two ways to clear app caches. First, you do it manually for individual app but if you have many apps, it’s going to be a time taking process. The second way gives you more control over this process.  There are app cache cleaners available on the Play Store. They let you easily delete the caches of apps in a few taps.
The second way is the best but app caches will again be filled up. Don’t worry because, most app cache cleaners have feature to automatically clean caches after regular intervals. You just need to switch on this feature.

Disable or Uninstall Unused Apps

Some users have habit of downloading any apps they find on the store, giving them space in the storage and then forget that these apps are in phone. But many apps you never use keep running in background and exploiting resources like RAM, processor and storage. Some apps come pre-loaded with devices that you active when devices are prepared for the first-time use but once you active these apps, you know that they are never used. So if you do not use them then disable their functioning. By uninstalling or disabling unused apps, you can save enough precious resources in your device.

Remove unwanted Widgets and Shortcuts

Many users have tendency of using widgets to keep the home screen decorated. But most of the widgets keep using internet to fetch information online and of course use battery, slow other processes and consume data too. If these widgets, particularly weather widgets, messaging widgets, social widgets, etc. are not really much important for you, you better remove them. Same is the case with shortcuts too.

Limit the data or switch off auto syncing.

Apps for email and social sites also want to ping the web on regular basis and consume data. This is called syncing of data but this whole processes first, drains the battery; second, eats up internet; third, takes up systems resources; and fourth, slows a device down. So if you do not need regular updates from mailing or social apps, which most people do not also need, you can switch off their automatic syncing.
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