React Native can be the game changer Hybrid App Development technology: IDC

react native

react native

Facebook’s React Native – the JavaScript framework may completely change the way mobile app developers have been building cross platform apps so far. A report from IDC says that the approach of creating apps using web technologies and JavaScript can be redefined by the React Native. It’s an open source technology and may be the big catalyst for mobile app developers. It has already begun to gain traction as the report of IDC states. Apps created using React Native do have look and feel of native apps.
“IDC believes that React Native puts forward an important new paradigm for hybrid app development that liberates mobile app developers from the confines of the WebView component, which is typically used with the Apache Cordova hybrid approach. By removing the dependency on WebView, React Native essentially delivers native performance and opens the entire capability of the native device platform to the web developer, said  AI Hilwa, the IDE analyst.
Although, React Native is still an immature technology  and may not be a proper choice for large sized, enterprise grade mobile solutions until late 2016.
Still, web based development is not able to deliver what native technologies can do. Hilwa said in an email that his sense is that native is still the most popular approach for mobile consumers and business for consumer engagement.

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