Red flagged moves in mobile app development

Not all developers do succeed in mobile app development, even after trying their best. They keep creating new apps, updating the old ones, and wishing that something will escalate their apps to the hit lists. But, that day never comes. Why?

It’s easier to get lost in the great ocean of apps if you don’t notice the red flagged move to be avoided during your mobile app development.

It’s because while executing a mobile app development project, developers take some red flagged moves that impact them in future. Let us learn about those moves.

Creating an app because you want to have one

Many developers or businesses create an app just because their competitors have one or to keep up themselves with the trends. If the app is just filling the space but not fulfilling the need, it is worth of no use. There is no chance such app will ever succeed. Until your app doesn’t have clear function, there are certain chances it will fall flat.

Creating a single app for everything

You have a number of things to bring on mobile platform, and you want to bring all those things in single app. It’s a worst idea. If you think that all clear functions making sense for mobile can be converted to single mobile app, you are thinking to mess up everything. In mobile apps, users love simplicity. They don’t want a single app that tells weather, directs on roads/maps, lights up torch, shares important files between peers, is a CRM and can find nearby restaurants too.  Many mobile app development projects implemented with such approach have failed badly.

Creating apps for tasks that mobile cannot do

Mobility is here but not for everything. It cannot handle anything you want. It cannot handle operations that require speedily inputting data. It cannot be a full-fledged presentation or document creation platform. There are certain tasks that a mobile app development cannot be successfully implemented for.

Ignoring a well-thought flow map

Putting things in app wherever you find space is also a wrong move many mobile app development projects have been seen with. Some developers just want to fill space without considering about its appropriate place. A well-thought flow-map ensures reasonable navigation structure of the app, makes it logical and soothing in the eyes of users.

Simply porting an app for multiple platforms

Going cross-platform with single code helps organizations save a lot of money and time. But, it’s not an ultimate way for all sorts of apps. For many apps, there are different types of audience on different platforms. There are different ecosystems of different platforms. Simply porting an app for multiple platforms isn’t always good approach. This wrong move is also taken in several mobile app development projects.

Ripping off app or feature/function of popular apps

You saw a popular app that got a million downloads in a week. How about ripping off that app? It’s one common approach that many mobile app development experts invest their time in. But no app created with such approach has succeeded or received reputation anywhere. After all, it’s not an original app.

Targeting the app in wrong market or to wrong audiences

It’s another reason because of that apps fail. You are targeting business apps to game users, or putting too much money in marketing a business app while it will be used by your business-related people, partner and prospects.

Stopping marketing efforts once the app is launched

In many mobile app development projects, when they are launched with laud marketing approaches, things calm down when the apps are made available to users.  But marketing doesn’t stop at a particular point because many factors, trends and technologies affect it. So you should continue to market an app.

Developing mobile apps with look & feel like a desktop app

Many desktop developers switching to mobile platforms tend to do this blunder. They create apps that look and feel like desktop software. Smartphone are rather different than PCs because these devices only have touch-screen to navigate anywhere.

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