Retailers are Introducing New Reasons to use Mobile Phones in Stores

retailing apps in store

retailing apps in store

Retailers around the world are discovering new ways of implementing mobile apps. Apart from showcasing products / services to be bought online, a retail app can help users in guiding through the store they are seeking products in.
The app can be added with the ability of taking a snapshot of an item and finding whether it’s available in the store or not. Take the example of boots worn by a person. You see him/ her passing by and take the picture of those boots through the app. Now the app will quickly search if the store has that boot-pair or similar ones in stock.
m-commerce application development has matured to level where a variety of features can be implemented to help customers not only buying goods online but also when they physically visit the store. The app can be added with features that allow customers to compare prices against rival stores.
Many retailers are disappointed  because losing market share and tired of watching how customers are using smartphones to find deals online better than offered in stores. Here some brick and mortar stores are implementing such mobile applications which give shoppers different reasons to use their phones for shopping items of holiday. A dedicated m-commerce app can help customers to easily order those items which leading store-apps show as out-of-stock, and get them delivered at home at lowest possible prices.
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However, there are two big challenges that retailers will face in coming holiday season. First – how customers can be encouraged to embrace new form of mobile app that is based on in-store system, not completely on buying things online? Second – how they can be given the level of trust so that they buy products from a local store by matching web’s prices and convenience, not from the stores likes Amazon or eBay.
According to a study of IBM, the estimation says that more than 40 percent on online traffic and about 20 percent of sales this Thanksgiving weekend will come from smartphones.
In a Poll by Reuters / Ipsos conducted on more than 3000 respondents it was informed that half of the respondents in the survey said that they will use mobile phones while shopping items in store this holiday. Requirements for which they will use mobile phone for shopping in store include price comparisons, taking photos or researching products.
Companies which have not adopted mobile apps yet, are doing serious mistake. It’s time when retailers need to deliver more personalized experience to buyers so that they do not lose their customers.

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