RIM – The Blackberry Maker Decides to Instigates Android and iPhone Management Tools

Finally, after a long wait RIM (Research In Motion) has planned to take on the mobile device management for Android and Apple OS devices.
The BlackBerry maker RIM has decided to launch a BlackBerry Mobile Fusion product which is designed in a way to simplify the management of phones and tablets using the RIM’s existing BlackBerry OS. Also, it will make things easier for the upcoming BBX platform based on the QNX software. Apart from RIM, there were many other vendors who tried to manage this task like Sybase, Zenprise and FiberLink but were not succeeded. Good enterprise experience and reputation for security can be some of the major reasons for considering RIM.
The 2.0 version of PlayBook was supposed to hit the market in October, but now it is set for first quarter of next year. Till now no date has been released for the availability but in months or so it will be there.
In addition to all this there are companies who are trying their best for capturing the market share from RIM.
After conquering, RIM still remains in the market in order to launch the Blackberry Mobile Fusion product.

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