Samsung clues to soon launch a foldable screen smartphone

Foldable screen phone has been a rumor for a long time but now Samsung seems to realize it soon. The company was working on foldable screen phone for more than two years and could launch it in this January. The company has showed of several prototypes so far among those all, the best guess goes to this –


And here is a video becoming popular nowadays:

Other prototypes that are floating around tech world are as follows




The company has recently launched Galaxy smartphone with curved edge screen. The new leak to be popping among techies is that we might finally see foldable Samsung smartphone in January 2016. Reports say the company is already in test phase of a foldable display smartphone.  Samsung has codenamed this project has Project Valley and the company is testing it on two processors – Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 and Snapdragon 820. Some other features include 3GB of RAM, expandable storage and with an embedded battery.
Samsung, at its second analyst meeting in South Korea, talked about its plan for devices with folding display. Company is putting a lot of effort to imlement new form factor which include flexible phones, curved phones, phablets, wearable devices, etc. However, no timeframe has been revealed so far but clearly clued that company is working on something like this.

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