Scopes in online retailing through a mobile app development

We have just begun to explore the universe of m-retailing and also learned that it’s infinite. It has scopes beyond one’s imagination. All a retailer needs to do is form a right mobile app development strategy to take his business online and explore limitless opportunities. A right mobile app development strategy can help business grow by leaps and bounds.

But why is there need of m-retailing or m-commerce while e-commerce is already doing good and growing too? 

Because no one can ignore the truth that mobile web traffic has grown 50 percent over past year. The total mobile traffic accounts for 25 percent of all the internet traffic, according to Wpromote’s study. The company analyzed 35 sites of its clients, particular B2B, E-commerce and Consumer Service sites, and noticed that more than 25 percent of traffic is coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Wpromote shared following data –

The data show that websites or platform included in the study are still getting major traffic from desktop, but traffics from mobiles and tablets cannot be ignored because it will increases in coming years.
Goldman Sachs has estimated that by 2018, m-commerce will equal the size of e-commerce of 2013. Here are their findings:

Growth Patterns

Goldman has also forecasted that the most of m-commerce activity will happen in tablet devices; however smartphones will also contribute a massive growth.

Popular Trends 

Some companies are really doing better in mobile commerce. They are earning nearly 50% of their total revenue through mobile based commerce activities.

Global Acceptance – According to a survey of InMobi. 

  • A report from InMobi says that about 83% shoppers mobile device will purchase using mobile in next 12 months.
  • 60% smarphones users around the world use mobile as their primary devices to go online.
  • 48% of respondent in the survey said that mobile as key channel affect purchasing decision.
  • 56% have visited a store for more information

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